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   Chapter 772 He Is My Husband Now

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7721

Updated: 2019-06-08 00:19

Seeing the arrogance Yanni was demonstrating, Jean's face turned a rather angry shade of red.

In that moment, she wanted to kick her out of the car.

This bitch, pretending to be so pure and innocent! She had threatened her in broad daylight

and declared expressively that she wanted to fight with her for Zed!

However, composing herself, Jean mocked Yanni with a smile through the rearview mirror and said, "Very well. I shall wait and see. Let's hope you can spare no effort and play a fair game. But I am warning you, if we are doing this, you need to win Zed's heart aboveboard. Don't act like before and lose again. He is not the Zed he used to be. He is my husband now."

Yanni's face turned gray and she stared at Jean with rage, almost wishing that she could devour this woman standing in her way like a merciless beast.

But on a some second note that hit her, she put on a weird smile and assured Jean, "Sure. Don't worry. I will beat you in such a way that you will have to admit my victory whole-heartedly."

"Really?" Jean was suddenly beginning to find this banter more and more interesting now. "Do you remember how you lost the last time, Yanni? I believe you had enough tricks to play when Zed was single. And why wouldn't you? I mean you would do whatever it takes, by means fair or foul, to get what you want!"

"Jean, let me tell you the truth." Yanni looked at Jean and put on a smug smile, "I was too careless in those days and my heart was focused solely on my research. When I finally achieved my research result and wanted to see Zed rapturously, I couldn't have even dreamt of my cousin telling me that Zed had gotten married and you were pregnant. I knew there and then that Zed married you only because you were pregnant…"

"You are so smart. You shouldn't have no idea how we got married." Jean was amused and she continued driving.

"Of course I know the story. You mean you two got married for some finance advantages. But Jean, those were just rumors. You were trying to deceive the public. Did you really think I would fall for that? Your strategy did land you in a marriage with Zed. Your pregnancy was just another reason. Zed has always longed for a family, hoping to have a kid of his own one day. I know that all too well."

Yanni glared at Jean wi

? I haven't even started yet! Do you want to admit defeat now?" Yanni watched Jean and sarcastically asked.

Jean sighed inside.

All her efforts were a total waste of breath.

"If I had admitted defeat, I wouldn't have let you stay in my house. Yanni, what makes you so confident that you can steal my husband?" Jean sneered while glancing at Yanni.

Yanni didn't care much about Jean's ridicule. She was still extremely arrogant. "Okay then. Looks like we're about to have an intense fight. You defeated Jesse easily, but that doesn't mean my fate will be the same."

"Okay, I will take the challenge," Jean replied coldly.

Since Yanni was determined to have a fight, it would only make Yanni think less of her if she kept trying to reason with her.

It wasn't Jean's style to give up. If somebody intended to steal her husband, she'd better ask her permission first.

The car drove steadily on the street and a fabulous mansion popped up in front of them impressively.

It was the first time Yanni had come here but she managed not to reveal her surprise when she saw the magnificent building. She got out of the car in a composed manner.

"Your driving skills aren't that bad. I was unnecessarily worried!" Yanni walked to Jean and told her.

Jean stopped in her steps and looked at her with furrowed brows. "You dug into my past?"

Evidently she had, or she wouldn't have mentioned her driving skills.

Jean rarely drove by herself. Ever since she had run over Moore, either Zed or Toby drove for her.

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