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   Chapter 771 Jean Fighting Back

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7683

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'A doctor?' wondered Jean.

This lady had left her stunned and Jean couldn't understand how she was a doctor.

It was the first time that she had seen such a beautiful and hot doctor.

Watching Jean's expression, Zed seemed to have realized Jean's curiosity, so he explained, "Yanni is not an ordinary doctor. She has received outstanding achievements as a doctor. One can call her a genius. At such a young age, she already has a PhD."

'PhD...' thought Jean stunned.

The idea that Yanni had a PhD made Jean a little envious.

But at the same time there were signs of admiration on her face. After all, Jean was just a graduate from a third-class university.

Yet she tried to hide her admiration.

From the very beginning, Yanni seemed to be against Jean. Therefore, Jean had no intention of trying to gain her friendship.

No matter how academically outstanding Yanni was, Jean wasn't willing to let her have Zed.

After all, Zed was only hers.

Leaving behind these thoughts, Jean looked up at Yanni and detected a hint of mockery in her eyes.

Watching this, she realized Yanni must have understood that she wasn't that educated. This brought her a feeling of shame.

Suddenly, Jean flushed under Yanni's scrutiny. In order to avoid further embarrassment, she turned her face sideways and looked at Zed. "After all, she is your friend. How can she be ordinary? With this outstanding achievement, she must have a lot of men chasing after her. Does she have a boyfriend?" Jean asked with a sweet smile.

On top of that, Jean feigned curiosity and patiently waited for an answer.

Upon hearing Jean's words, Yanni's face turned pale. A few seconds ago, she had been completely happy but Jean's words wiped the smile off Yanni's face. Yanni couldn't help but stare at Jean with a vicious look. It took Yanni quite a few seconds before she could compose herself. Slowly, she faked a charming smile and said, "You don't have to worry about my personal matters. But thank you any way."

Jean raised up her eyebrows at once and retorted back, "Then it looks like you don't have a boyfriend. How about I introduce you to someone?"

"Jean!" Zed stopped Jean from continuing. His wife's question made him feel a little awkward.

Jean couldn't understand why it made him unco

could do except remain silent.

After stepping out of the Qi Group, Jean opened the door of her Ferrari and sat down in the driver's seat.

Yanni was standing aside and watching her with a judgmental pair of eyes.

Jean raised her eyebrows and questioned, "Why aren't you getting into the car?"

"I don't trust your driving skills. Get out and I'll drive,"

Yanni ordered. Her tone was filled with arrogance.

Upon hearing Yanni's words, Jean laughed at once and then she looked at Yanni. In a cold voice, she said, "You must be overestimating yourself. I admit you are smart since you have a PhD at such a young age. But this is China, my dear. My husband works here and this car belongs to me. I am the hostess, not you. How can you ask me to get out of my own car? Yanni, who do you think you are? Do you really think you are Zed's wife?"

Jean noticed coldness on Yanni's face. Seeing this, she wasn't surprised at all since she knew this was Yanni's real face. The innocence which she showed in front of Zed was just an act.

A small smile crept on Jean's face as she watched Yanni expose her true face.

"Jean, you are not as simple as I expected you to be. Now that I know you are so sharp, I am really interested in seeing what you can do." Yanni didn't take Jean's mockery seriously. Instead, she stared unflinchingly at Jean with her cold eyes and added, "Good. Glad my rival is clever! Now I can expect a good fight. Don't let me down."

After saying that, Yanni opened the door and got into the car.

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