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   Chapter 770 My Husband Is Busy Now

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 9004

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"Don't you know who I am?" the sexy voice on the other side of the phone said, chuckling. "You must be kidding. Anyway, I am answering the phone for my husband. Maybe now you can guess who I am?"

'I'm answering the phone for my husband...' The words rung in Jean's ears as her eyes widened.

She was completely stunned and lost the ability to think for a while. Her tongue was tied and no words came out of her mouth.

She clutched the phone tightly, breathing deeply to gain some balance and bring herself to talk. She clenched her teeth and forced out words sarcastically. "If that's the case, then Mrs. Qi, could you please let Mr. Qi know I'm asking for him?"

"I would, but my husband is really busy right now. Sorry." There was no hint of politeness in the woman's voice. Clearly, she sounded like she was mocking Jean. Before Jean could say anything, the phone got disconnected and she was only left with a small beep to contemplate which turned into silence.

Jean's blood boiled even more now. How dare the woman hang up on her like that?

For a moment, she breathed loudly, cutting teeth, and then got up in an instant, rushing to her room. She changed quickly into a pair of jeans, a basic white T shirt and put her shoes on.

She grabbed the keys to her gorgeous red Ferrari and tied her hair in a knot. Whoever this woman was, she was going down. Furiously, she drove to the office building of the Qi Group. She sped intensely, wanting to reach as fast as possible lest the anger burnt her to death.

On the other hand, this mysterious woman sat with one leg on the other in a chair in Zed's office. Her name was Yanni Ou. She looked at the phone, smiling cunningly, eyes glistening with mockery.

She felt content with the stunt she had just pulled off.

The door opened, suddenly. The smile on Yanni's face broadened when she saw Zed enter the room. She got up, walking toward him seductively.

"Oh Zed, it's been so long."

Her voice was low and sensual. Clearly, she knew this was an asset she owned. She focused her eyes on Zed's face, then leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. A kiss meant to greet him, but which lingered on just for a second more than usual.

Zed put on a smile when he saw her and replied formally, "Indeed. Juan called me earlier and said you were coming. I didn't think he was serious. Well, my bad. Here you are already. Why didn't you inform me earlier? I would've come to pick you up." Saying that, Zed stepped back with his hands in his pockets.

She rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in the air, smiling coquettishly.

"Oh, come on! I know you are a busy man and that your time is very precious. How could I dare m

o Yanni, frowning. "Yanni, I know you like pranking people, but there's a limit to everything. You can't hurt people like that. Better hurry up and apologize."

Yanni put up an innocent face as if she was completely unaware of what kind of reaction a joke like that would trigger. She acted as if she meant it all in good spirits and was being misunderstood and wronged now. "Oh, Jean. I was just kidding on the phone. I only wanted to meet you in some special way. I really didn't think you'll get so angry about it. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

Jean was disgusted at her poor acting. What did she think? Maybe she could fool Zed like that but not Jean. Her words might be apologetic but her eyes were the same as before, cunning and determined.

It occurred to Jean how futile the nature of happiness was. She had been convinced nobody would try to sabotage her relationship with Zed now.

But here she was, face to face with the saboteur.

"Zed, you haven't introduced her yet. Who is she?"

Jean didn't respond to Yanni deliberately, only continued to look at Zed with her eyes narrowed.

Zed realized he couldn't really risk saying anything nice about Yanni at the moment, since Jean was already against the idea of forgiving her. He put up a forceful smile, trying to normalize the situation.

However much he thought about the nature of Yanni's mischief as a joke, the reality was she had misbehaved.

Why did she have to make a joke that would trigger Jean like this?

Even after having been with Jean for a long time now, he still didn't know what to do when Jean was angry.

Nor did he know what to do to save Yanni from Jean's wrath.

Zed decided to go with the facts. "Oh yes, Jean. Yanni is Juan's cousin. She used to work with us. She is a doctor."

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