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   Chapter 768 The Richest Man In Europe

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9890

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"I deeply regret what I did that night. Fortunately, you and Zed reached me in time, and rushed me to the hospital, else I would surely have died and never seen Juan again!" Tina said humbly.

She had come here today to express her gratitude towards Jean and Zed for saving her life.

"Please don't say things like that! We were worried, but I'm really glad that you are fine now. Life is precious, please cherish it, okay?" Jean heaved a mournful sigh upon hearing Tina's confession.

She was gravely concerned for Tina. Last time, the emergency room visit had greatly upset her, and she still had nightmares about the terrible night.

"Don't worry about me. I won't do something so foolish and hurt myself ever again," Tina said apologetically with modestly lowered eyes, and a shy promissory smile on her lips.

Jean couldn't help but smile in return, comforted by Tina's promise. When she spoke, there was a hopeful tone in her voice. "I wish you a happy life with Juan. He's a bit of a flake at times, and may seem unreliable, but I think he's a good man. I'll give you a free piece of advice— Don't try to be a strong woman. You work too hard, all the time, and don't take enough care of yourself. You should encourage Juan to accept more responsibility," Jean said.

"Okay, I'll try!" Tina felt the truth of their bond flourish as she listened to Jean. She was deeply moved by the other's caring and insight, which made her next words so difficult.

"Jean, I'm so sorry, but I came here to say goodbye to you." Tina couldn't help but heave a deep resigned sigh as she looked at Jean's kind face. Actually, she didn't want to leave China early. "I can't stay in China for long. I have to return home tomorrow..." she said.

"No, you can't do that! You've only been here for a few days. Besides, you are not fully recovered," Jean protested, her luminous eyes filled with concern. Stunned, she stared at Tina's sad face. She was surprised by this news, as she was still concerned with Tina's health.

"Don't worry about me. Although I have a busy work schedule in my country, I'll be fine, I promise!" Tina immediately soothed her.

"Why don't you ask Juan to handle these business affairs? It's his job after all! He should take responsibility! You don't have to do this, certainly not now, with everything that you've been through," Jean pleaded, annoyed by Tina's drudgery attitude.

"Juan told me that he wanted to handle the business. However, he is not familiar with the work at all. If I sent him, he would not be prepared, and I would only worry and get anxious." Tina shrugged in self-effacement. After a short while she continued, "Jean, I know you are concerned about me. Please don't be disappointed by my decisions. I have promised you that I will not push myself too hard, and you can relax, I'll not break my promise. However, each order values about one billion dollars. I can't risk everything by sending Juan in my ste

ny hesitation when Zed called him.

He is so rich that it was a piece of cake for him to do this! Nobody has the financial strength to set up a company so easily, except Juan!

That's why his family had selected Tina as his wife. They gave her very strict training since she was a little girl, grooming her to be the perfect wife! Juan certainly needs a smart and capable woman to help him, ' Jean reflected.

"Jean, but Zed is rich too," Tina said, puzzled at the look of shock which settled on Jean's face. "Juan told me that Zed owns an island in a foreign country. The island is a resource filled gem, and once it's fully developed, it will be a gold mine to astonish the world. Imagine it! How rich he is..." Tina trailed off, not wanting to upset Jean.

'In foreign country? An island?'

Jean's face paled with shock and surprise at the information tumbling from Tina's lips.

'Zed owns an island?' she thought incredulously.

Although Jean was aware that Zed was wealthy, she had never been curious about the extent of his finances. She never questioned him about it.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing from Tina. It seemed so unreal. 'He owns an island? Surely that's impossible ... My god!'

Jean had accepted that Zed was always mysterious. She didn't know all his ins and outs, and despite having been together for a long time, she had not concerned herself with his material status.

She was completely aware of the differences between them. His world was so very different from hers.

As a result, she was not concerned with his past or life experiences.

She instinctively knew that she would feel so guilty and inferior if she knew the whole truth.

"Jean, you didn't know about this?" Tina asked, puzzled by her friend's reaction.

"I've never asked him about his wealth." Jean smiled bitterly. "I've never concerned myself with his status, his past identity, experiences or wealth before. So, I've just never asked him."

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