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   Chapter 767 Be Gentle

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8636

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'Maranda, you know that I didn't dare to make any friends then. And it was because of you that I began to trust others, yet again.

Thank you, Maranda. You have been with me all these months in sadness and in happiness, ' Jean thought.

Maranda sent Jean back, bid goodbye and drove away.

Jean stood under the faint glow of the night sky until the car disappeared from her view and walked back, slowly.

As she was switching her shoes at the hallway, she saw Zed coming down the stairs. "You are back," Zed said.

Jean smiled, glowing with happiness.

Zed might have heard the noise and then decided to come downstairs. He must have been worried in her absence.

"Honey, did you miss me when I was away?" she asked lovingly, as she walked up and hugged him, after having switched her shoes.

Zed was surprised at Jean's spontaneous display of affection which startled him for a while. He recovered soon enough, reacted and asked in a measured tone as though to refrain from alarming her, "What's the matter? Did anyone disturb you?"

Jean was crestfallen to see that Zed left her display of affection unnoticed and was just about to release her hands in agony. It was then she discovered that Zed had already grabbed her hand.

"Honey, I get you. Now, since you are out of the first trimester of pregnancy, we can finally have sex tonight, can't we?"

Zed stared at Jean and asked brazenly, unexpectedly.

His hot breath blew on her face rather gently and Jean blushed.

She just wanted to pour all the love she had for him in an instant.

However she knew that they hadn't had sex in very long time and it must have been a very hard time for him.

A couple of times when she woke up in the middle of the night, she found Zed in the bathroom having a cold shower.

Keeping this in mind, Jean nodded shyly.

Zed's long held crave for sex resulted in a cry of happiness, as he carried Jean upstairs.

"Honey, you have to be gentle. Don't hurt our little baby…"

"Honey, slow down…"

The pleasure filled moans of the couple rendered an erotic mood to the eerily quiet night.

The next morning, Jean woke up from her dreamy sleep. She felt a pair of burning eyes watching her.

She tried to part her eyelids quickly and noticed it was Zed himself. She gave out a sigh of relief.

"What's wrong? You seem nervous." Zed placed his palm beneath his jaw, hopped on the bed and asked with concern.

"I thought you had already left for work and it was a thief or an intruder in this house," Jean replied naughtily while fixing her e

take care of yourself. Everything will be alright."

Jean nodded and accompanied Tina to the living room.

"So you came up here today with the sole purpose of catching up with me?" Jean asked suspiciously while observing Tina cautiously.

"You see, it has been quite a long time after I got out of the hospital, and sadly, I haven't had the chance to convey my gratitude to you personally," Tina said shyly. "Jean, thank you, sincerely. Without you, Juan and I would have never made it together. If it wasn't for you during that night, I probably wouldn't still be in this world…"

"Hey, don't say that." Jean stopped her hurriedly. "If I chose to not meddle in the business between you and Juan, probably you two may have discovered a better way of handling the issue all the same. There is one thing that still doesn't fail to intrigue me. If you had already agreed to start over with Juan, then why did you attempt to commit suicide on returning to your hotel?"

Jean asked curiously, realizing that she was digging into an uncomfortable grave of secrets.

"You know I always adored Juan since I was a child. And I had made up my mind to marry him, though I never expected him to reciprocate my feelings for him. So when you informed me that Juan actually had a special place for me in his heart, I was elated. That was why I said I wanted start everything with him, in the happiness of the moment. But after getting back, especially since Juan had said those words to me personally, I suddenly lost all urge to continue living. That was when I got depressed and chose to…"

Tina smiled bitterly, as her voice trailed and her thoughts travelled into the wilderness of the colossal foolishness she had done.

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