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   Chapter 766 A Sad Parting

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7396

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"All right John! We don't know when you will be coming back but whenever it is, you promise us that you will take good care of yourself. And whenever you get time, you give us a call... okay?" Jean told him.

"Okay…" John looked at her and nodded with a smile on his lips. "Thank you for seeing me off, you two. I thought I would have to leave this place alone, and I thought that I wouldn't get sad that way. When I came here and saw that almost everyone here had someone to see them off...well…it made my heart heavy and I hoped that I too had friends and relatives who wouldn't want me away... Am I being too sentimental?"

John chuckled bitterly during his last sentence.

"No way, John. This is normal for everyone. See, even I don't want to leave this city. I've been here ever since I was a child and have rarely ventured outside." Jean sighed.

"So have I," Maranda affirmed. "I don't feel like leaving unless it's absolutely necessary," she told them.

"Maranda…" John looked at her with a complicated facial expression and told her, "This is the most important, and perhaps, one of the best days ever of your life with Ron. It moved me deeply when I saw that you came here to see me off too. I wish both you and Ron the happiest possible life ever!"

"Thank you." Maranda smiled, and her eyes were slightly red now.

'John is so outstanding and handsome.

And this is the first time ever since I've known him that he has looked at me so tenderly with his deep eyes.'

It was like her heart was melting like ice cream in the sun by his tender gaze; and it was a happy kind of sorrow that rose from within it.

'In the past, I liked this man so much and suffered a lot.

However, he didn't like me at all. He only ever cared about Jean.'

This was the first time that John had ever been gentle to her and not being able to bear it, Maranda burst into tears.

Her eyes gushed forth those saline drops even more easily when it occurred to her that this was also probably the last time he would treat her like this.

'It is highly improbable that we ever talk face to face again in the future, or even get to meet each other. He's going to live so far away.

From now on, I

utside with Jean, and asked curiously.

"If he were here, could we still have wished John goodbye as comfortably as we did?" Jean looked at her and asked.

Maranda quickly understood what she meant and sighed. "You are right. It seems that Mr. Qi really has changed a lot."

"Marriage is a process in which two people slowly change themselves for each other. They aren't born to fit each other. Maranda, you have to keep this thing in mind. Although we don't have to worry about it in our daily life, but the relationship between married couples, or even unmarried ones, is a deep, profound subject.

From now on, your are Ron's wife and the mother of your unborn baby. Therefore, you have to change your bad temper and be tolerant and grateful. And I'm reminding myself of this too."

"Jean, you seem to know a lot." Maranda looked at her admiringly with a shine of affection in her eyes.

"Actually, what I just said sounds good but is really difficult to put into practice. Look at me for instance...I have been in love with Zed for so long, but we still lose our temper and quarrel with each other from time to time. So, you'd better keep these words in your mind. Even if you can't remember them, you will still understand them slowly as time progresses," Jean explained with embarrassment.

"Okay, Jean. As you say..." Maranda smiled and sincerely told her. "I've been so lucky to meet you, you know..."

"Just like I have been." Jean smiled in return.

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