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   Chapter 765 You Were Not Being A True Friend

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"Yes, you're absolutely right. Don't worry at all. Maranda has confirmed you are the only one in her heart now," Jean said and giggled, teasing Ron.

"Yeah, yeah, I know that," said Ron, shaking his head on the other side of the phone. "Okay, it's about time, I guess. I'll go ask Maranda to get dressed and meet you, cool?"

"Sounds like a plan. I'll wait for her at home," Jean said in a sing-song voice.

She put the phone to her chest and beamed, thinking of her own brilliance.

But in no time, her delight was replaced by the sorrow of separation that was due.

Luckily, Maranda arrived soon, not giving Jean enough time to get overly anxious.

Jean said a quick goodbye to Zed, planting a small kiss on his lips and walked out to the driveway where Maranda waited for her in the car. It was unusual for her to have driven alone. Together, they headed towards the airport.

"Jean, why didn't you call me directly? I don't think it's good for Ron to know," Maranda asked as she drove.

"It's no big deal. You've already told him about John. Besides, I believe Ron is a really nice guy. Otherwise, he wouldn't have let you leave the wedding to see John off," Jean reassured, grinning in Maranda's direction.

Maranda kept quiet, reconsidering something in her mind. "Actually, I had told Ron about John back when we weren't even together. In fact, I was trying to get rid of him at that time by introducing John." She sighed and then continued, "In the end, you somehow run into those you thought you didn't care about at first. One can never foresee how feelings change. Back then, I cared so much about John, but now..."

Maranda sighed in resignation.

"That was before. Just let it go. I am sure Ron is a tolerant man. However he might have gotten to know about John, he let you come on such an important day is what counts."

Jean admired how considerate he was and how much he respected Maranda.

"Yes, this is why I was so shocked when he told me John was leaving tonight. Can you imagine? Ron telling me this, out of all people? He suggested I go see him one last time. I almost couldn't believe my ears!"

said Maranda, her voice high with disbelief.

"I know how you feel," said Jean, patting Maranda's shoulder. "I truly think he is someone you can trust for life. Please cherish him."

"I will." Maranda glanced at Jean briefly and smiled. "By the way, Zed knows John has feelings for you. I wonder how he agreed to let you come. From what I know of him, he can get jealous pretty easily."

She looked at Jean briefly, curious for he

without even informing us! I don't think you think of us as your friends anymore, John. Back at work, despite your cold demeanor, I always felt like we had a really nice time. Don't you think we deserved to know something so huge? That you are leaving the country?"

Jean kept questioning him constantly. Finally, running out of things to say, she nudged Maranda with her arm conspicuously.

Maranda almost jumped. "Yeah, right. Jean's right. This is not how true friends behave." Her reaction was quick. She even pouted in fake anger for the effect.

John forced a smile, unsure of how serious they were, and said, "Sorry, but we aren't colleagues anymore. Besides, forget you two, I didn't tell anyone about this except my boss and my parents. Nobody knows. I mean, now you guys do, which makes me wonder, how did you find out I was going to France?"

he asked, curious. He kept looking at both of them alternately but in turn they only looked at each other.

He raised his eyebrows at Jean.

"That's none of your business. Do you plan to return soon?" Jean let the jokes apart and asked with genuine concern.

"I..." He clasped his hands together, as if crushing something. He seemed to be caught in a dilemma. "I have no idea. We shall wait and see. Well, I mean, I will definitely come back. After all, this is my hometown. But I can't say when. It depends on how fast I learn things in France. I don't really intend to work abroad..."

"Oh, John, I didn't know you were such a patriot!" Maranda cut him off and chuckled.

"Nah, it's nothing to do with patriotism. I just feel that it will be hard for me to make friends there," John explained as he smiled, scratching his head, as if admitting guilt.

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