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   Chapter 764 Mr. Zed Was Mean

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7140

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Otherwise, Zed wouldn't have spent so much time and energy on Calvin's business.

A few words from him and he dissolved Grandpa Li's resentment and made him agree to let Calvin and his mother go back home.

Did she believe that it was because Grandpa Li wasn't well and so agreed for them to go back home?

Of course not. Jean didn't know the full details but she knew very well that

anybody who had once been a soldier wouldn't possibly change their mind once they committed, regardless of the consequences or regret they may feel after.

Even if they saw that they had made a mistake, they would have to stick to it until the bitter end.

She didn't care about the details of what Zed did or said to make Calvin's grandpa change his mind.

She was just so proud of him. Her husband, for excelling in everything that he did.

"So I have to finish these urgent matters that need attending to as soon as possible," Zed apologized to Jean.

"Sure, I know." Jean nodded to show her understanding. "I'll go and pack our things. That way, when we are ready to leave, we'll be able to go immediately."

"You don't have to pack anything. We've got everything we need there already. Just pack a few outfits so we have to change into." Zed didn't want Jean to wear herself out unnecessarily.

"Okay. Got it. You just go do what you have to do." Jean gave Zed a hug and a kiss on the forehead while ruffling his hair playfully. "Did you call my teacher?"

"Oh, I almost forgot." Zed pulled out his cell phone. "I'll call him now."

Jean sat on a chair and waited for Zed to find out the information of John's flight.

If possible, she wanted to see John off before she went back to the Imperial Capital. Then she wouldn't feel any regret if she saw him off properly and wished him well.

Zed called Sonny on the phone and after some small talk he found out the information that Jean was after.

"Did you find out? When is he leaving?" Jean asked impatiently.

"Nine o'clock this evening. John obviously didn't want you to see him off. He planned to leave after Maranda's wedding," Zed said while still lost in his o

ng still not clear?" Jean asked in a friendly tone.

"Are you talking about the colleague named John?" Ron asked from the other end of the line.

"How did you know?" Jean was the one shocked this time.

"Maranda told me. She liked him when she was at that company," Ron replied.

Jean was dumbfounded and felt embarrassed for beating around the bush. "Yes, that's him. That's why I didn't know what to do. So I called you."

"I can understand. But you just kicked the problem to me." Ron smiled wryly. "If I agree to let her go, I won't feel that good inside. If I don't tell her, Maranda would definitely be angry with me when she finds out. Jean, you are such a good friend of mine, always taking care of me,"

Ron said with sarcasm and sighed.

"Yes. I could say the same to you." Jean laughed. "It is a dilemma. I couldn't take the blame either. Maranda is your wife, so you can work it out."

"Okay, let me think about this." Ron sighed and went quiet for a moment. "If I don't let her go, she will be unhappy. But, okay, I'll just have to swallow my pride,"

Ron said with grievance and resentment.

"So you agree to let Maranda go? What about the guests?" It was beyond Jean's expectation.

She couldn't believe that Ron could be so generous and understanding. He made his decision so quickly.

"She is my wife. I should trust her, shouldn't I? Besides, you will be with her," Ron replied.

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