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   Chapter 763 You Should Decide It On Your Own

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10195

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Zed saw that Jean's face was in stark contrast to her earlier happy expressions. There was uncontrollable fury on her face.

'What's wrong with her?

She looked very happy just now.

And then she went to the restroom and....

Restroom?' Zed repeated his thought with a puzzled look and suddenly, his mind seemed to freeze and a chill ran down his spine. He opened the car door in a hurry, and as soon as Jean got in, he quickly hopped into the driver's seat and started the car.

"Jean, what's wrong with you? Is everything okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?" Zed badgered her with questions in a voice full of concern while he drove the car.

"No. I'm fine," she replied but seemed to want to say something more. After a few moments, she finally looked up at Zed and angrily asked, "Zed, you promised me that you would not expose what Calvin did to you and won't let anyone know of the fight he picked with you. So tell me, why was he sent back to the Imperial Capital if you kept your word? You know very well what can happen if he is sent back, don't you? And tell me frankly why you still chose to do so?"


Zed finally understood what Jean was so angry about. Thinking that the best way to tackle this question was face it directly, he curbed the car and turned around in his seat to face her with a bitter smile adorning his handsome face. "Jean, do you think I didn't keep my promise? Don't you trust me at all? You suspected that I had a hand in his going back just because you heard some casual remarks that some strangers made?"

"Casual remarks that strangers made?" Jean repeated incredulously. "Zed, let me tell you right here that it was Calvin's cousin whom I overheard. When she blurted out the truth, she didn't even know that I was also in the restroom. Are you trying to say that she's going to lie to her friend?"

Jean became even angrier when she found out that Zed wasn't willing to admit his own fault and was even shameless enough to have the courage to question her back instead of replying honestly.

"Yes, you're right. Calvin is now at the Imperial Capital and with his grandfather." Zed sighed helplessly and confirmed the rumor.

"Zed, you asked me to believe in you. But how can I believe in you? You lied to me! You know very well how strict the rules of the Li family are. How could you send Calvin back to the Imperial Capital after such a serious incident? You know how difficult it's going to be for Calvin and his mother to face the rest of the family now, don't you?"

Jean shouted angrily with fury burning fiercely in her eyes.

Hearing Jean's words, Zed said nothing but looked at her with a bitter smile. After a few seconds, he gave out a helpless sigh and explained, "Calvin is indeed sent back to the Li family, but the situation now is not as bad as you think. His grandpa didn't blame Calvin and his mother too much, and you'll be surprised to know it was he himself who picked them up and took them back to the Imperial Capital. So you don't have to worry about an

ome, Zed immediately asked Zelda to cook something for Jean and

then headed directly toward the study room.

Although Moore had been working in Zed's company for a while now, he still needed to adapt to the working environment and get familiar with the work processes they followed there, especially considering the fact that the business of the company was very complicated.

So right now, Zed couldn't relax or afford to spend too much time with Jean.

After Jean had eaten enough, she asked Zelda to cook another bowl of noodles and carried the freshly prepared meal to the study.

Knocking lightly at the door, she heard Zed's preoccupied "hmm" and pushed the door open. Inside, she saw that Zed was sitting behind the desk, engrossed in some official documents.

"Zed, have some noodles." Jean put down the bowl on one side of the table and put her hand on his shoulder.

"OK!" Zed looked up from the documents and asked in a soft voice, "Have you eaten yet?"

"Yes. You may rest assured that I won't starve our baby," replied Jean with a mischievous smile.

Hearing her playful tone, Zed was relieved because now, he could be sure that she wasn't angry with him anymore. He picked up the bowl from the table and began to eat the noodles.

After he had finished eating, Jean sat next to him and softly asked as she put her head on his shoulder, "Zed, you're busy working these days. Can't you spare some time for me?"

"I'm so sorry, baby. You'll have to wait for a few more days right now," Zed patted her head and said apologetically. "After Moore is familiar with the company's business next month, I'll leave all the matters to him to supervise. Jean, Grandpa Li's situation is not optimistic now. We may have to go to the Imperial Capital ahead of schedule,"

he informed her with a serious look.

Jean nodded her head with understanding and replied, "I understand. He is not your grandfather, but he looked after you when you were a child and I know you must have a good relationship with him."

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