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   Chapter 762 I'm Not Feeling Well

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7951

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"Honeymoon?" Maranda blushed and then looked bashfully at Jean and said, "We're not going to go on our honeymoon for the time being."

"Why?" Jean looked at her in surprise. She wondered how Maranda could still be so happy even though they weren't going to go on a honeymoon.

Then Maranda's expression became sweet and adorable. She leaned over and whispered into Jean's ear, "Because, I'm pregnant too."

Jean couldn't believe what she heard at first and gazed at Maranda in surprise. It was only after Maranda nodded to confirm that she dared to believe it.

"You? You are too fast! No wonder you were in such a hurry to have a wedding. Good things come in pairs. Congratulations!" Jean said, hugging her warmly.

"The date of the wedding was set before, but my baby's existence was discovered just two days ago. So, because of this little fellow's arrival, many plans have to be changed," Maranda said sweetly.

"Yes, you need to be careful in the first trimester of pregnancy. It's all right. Although you can't go on your honeymoon this time, you can wait until your baby is born and then go," Jean said with a smile.

"Yes, that's the only way," Maranda said agreeing. "It's also because of this little fellow, I can come here and have a rest for now. But I'm going to greet the guests later, so I won't be able to spend time with you then,"

Maranda said apologetically.

"That's all right. Your wedding is more important," Jean comforted her. Then she suddenly changed the subject. "But, I have something to tell you."

"What's the matter?" Maranda looked at Jean in confusion.

Jean looked at Maranda heavy-hearted and said, "Just now when you were exchanging rings with Ron, John came."

Maranda's joyful expression immediately froze. "John? I did send him an invitation, but I didn't expect him to come. Where is he now?"

she asked in surprise, looking around.

Jean saw the eagerness in her eyes and sighed. "You won't spot him. He's gone."

Maranda turned back to Jean, stunned. "He's gone? Why did he leave so soon? He didn't even have a glass of wine," she asked, disappointed.

Jean looked at Maranda in silence for a moment and then said, "Maybe he has something else to do. Zed just told me that John was going to France. I don't know when he'll be back."

Maranda looked at her startled when she heard the news and then real

very well.

"I'm not feeling well. Let's go back," Jean looked at Zed and spoke to him reluctantly.

Hearing that Jean was not feeling well, Zed immediately showed a nervous expression on his face and hurriedly said, "Okay, just sit down for a while. I'll go and tell them right away."

This time, Jean didn't even bother to answer. She just nodded.

Not noticing her impatience, Zed got up and went to say goodbye to Ron and Maranda.

Jean lowered her head without looking at him. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

Zed came back shortly afterwards and saw that Jean was in a bad state. He said quickly, "Well, let's go back! If you are really uncomfortable, we can go to the hospital."

Jean couldn't control her temper any more. "No need!" She just spat out the two words coldly and stood up.

As the wedding banquet was still in progress, Jean suddenly marched out of the hall in a huff creating a scene and attracting attention.

"Zed, what happened to Jean?" Moore got up quickly and caught up with Zed, asking with concern. Avery also followed him.

"She's just a little uncomfortable. It's all right. I'm going to take her back for a rest," Zed spoke quickly to comfort them.

"Well, take good care of Jean," they both said to Zed.

"I'm leaving now. You two can also go back to your table. It's all right." Zed nodded to Avery and then quickly ran outside.

When he ran anxiously out of the door of the hotel, he saw Jean standing by the car with an impatient look.

Zed was surprised. Only then did he discover that his wife was in a foul mood.

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