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   Chapter 760 I Wasn't Expecting You To Be Here

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"Moore, if you hadn't come back to the Bai family, do you think your father would have the altercation with Edna and split up with her so soon?" asked Zed.

Moore frowned at Zed's question and then took a moment to carefully think about it before he answered, "If I hadn't returned to H City, then Edna wouldn't have even thought about transferring the Bai family property or put me in harm's way. If she hadn't done those things, then my father certainly wouldn't have had the altercation with her."

"Yes, exactly. Things will change at any time. Maybe without you, things between your father and Edna wouldn't have gotten so intense. How can you ignore such problems?" Zed sighed.

"So you're saying Hanley would resent Moore because of that? The reason for him staying in Bai family wasn't as simple as it looks. Do you think he is going to do something to hurt Moore?"

Jean asked in surprise.

"I'm still not sure why he has decided to stay here. Now let's look at it from Hanley's point of view. If you were him, what would you do next?"

Zed asked.

"If I were Hanley, of course I would feel resentment towards Moore," replied Jean, without giving it much thought. "Before Moore had returned to the Bai family house, Hanley was the only heir of the family. Naturally, they loved and cared about him very much. Even though they were all aware of Moore's existence, they failed to find him."

"I don't agree with you. Even though they failed to find Moore back then, his father and grandfather still didn't like Hanley because of Edna," interrupted Zed.

"If that's the case, then what's the reason why he is staying here?" Suddenly Jean's eyes widened at the realization and she continued, "If Moore's father and grandfather didn't particularly like him in the past and now that Moore has returned, their care to Hanley would be even less."

"So, if we were Hanley, we would leave with Edna, right?" Zed asked. After seeing others nod their heads, he continued, "But obviously, Hanley doesn't see it that way. Since he isn't liked by the Bai family, then why doesn't he want to leave? What's his reason for staying? That's the most important question."

"Well, Zed, do you know why?" Jean asked.

"I have no idea. I'm not Hanley and I know nothing about him. How would I know what he is goin

orking things out they chose to trust each other and get married.

Jean felt very glad to see Maranda's happy face. She looked at the bride and groom with a smile on her face. Under people's blessings, Ron and Maranda exchanged the rings. They became a legally married couple in front of their parents, relatives and the emcee.

Seeing her best friend Maranda and Ron get married, Jean felt very happy for them.

A big smile spread over her face. Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure, which made her feel a little surprised.

She whispered several words to Zed and then walked towards the familiar figure.

"I wasn't expecting you to be here," Jean said looking at John with a smile.

John forced a smile. Obviously, he wasn't expecting to run into Jean.

By the time he arrived, they had already started the wedding ceremony.

He looked at the beautiful bride and the handsome groom with a slight frown on his face. Nevertheless, he wished them well.

'Several months ago whenever you saw me you would blush shyly, and yet today Maranda, it seems that you have found your Mr. Right and will live happily ever after with him.

But look at me...'

John thought, feeling conflicted inside and then Jean suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

He was so surprised to see her that he just stared at her for a moment not knowing what to say.

'It's been a long time.

How are things going with you?' John thought to himself.

Judging from her radiant appearance, John could tell that Jean was enjoying a wonderful life.

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