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   Chapter 759 We Are In No Hurry

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Obviously, Avery could never have expected that Moore would deflect the question her way. She had never thought about it.

She was stunned for a while, then she smiled. "Yes, Moore is right. Although we've known each other for a long time, but we only got into a relationship just a few days ago. So we want to take it easy. For now, we're enjoying the moment and taking it in slowly."

"You guys seem to be in no hurry, while others are very eager to see you get married," Jean remarked. "Look at Mr. Gary Bai. He glances at you every now and then even while he is talking to somebody. His smile is rather like the smell of sand after rain. Even the blind can feel it. Believe it or not, your grandpa and your dad are very concerned about your relationship, even if you aren't."

Hearing Jean's words, Moore glanced at Gary who caught his eyes too and smiled at him in satisfaction. It was just like Jean had said. Even Moore could read his pleasure from his eyes.

Moore nodded at him and turned around with a sigh. Hundreds of thoughts were crying in his heart but he was trying not to let anyone know. But Zed caught on.

"What's wrong? What are you worried about?" He had thought that Moore was satisfied with his present life so his sigh had confused him.

"It's just that there are a lot of things going on at home and they involve Edna and Hanley. The whole family is troubled because of that. I haven't seen my dad smile for a long time now. And in order to make him happy, I promised him that I would attend the wedding today together with him. He also told me to bring Avery and I had no choice but to agree because I didn't want to hurt him..."

Moore said helplessly, not thinking what his words could bring about.

Jean did not miss it and was displeased with Avery's stiff smile. "You attended Maranda's wedding just to console your dad? Dear Lord! I thought you volunteered to go here. And whatever do you mean by you took Avery along just because your dad wanted you to? That's a ridiculous thing to say! She is your fiancée now, and it should be second nature for you to invite her to every social occasion without anyone asking you to. Are you telling us that you wanted to attend the wedding alone?" She was hoping that Moore could realize his mistake.

Her hopes came true.

Moore turned around and apologized sincerely, "I'm sorry. I disregarded your feelings. I didn't really mean it. I did attend the wedding only because my dad asked me to, and I wouldn't have done it otherwise. But Avery, you know that I'm not a social person, so this kind of party is not my thing. Besides

with a triumphant smile, rather like a duck in the water.

Moore was right. He hadn't changed at all, and was still as frivolous as before. The Edna incident hadn't affected him.

Jean was astonished. She didn't know Hanley could be so optimistic.

How could he act like nothing happened even after everything that had happened at home; his own home, about which, he had always warned Moore about. His biological parents had split up and were most probably going to divorce, but he didn't care! What was the matter with him?

Jean took back her gaze and shook her head in puzzlement.

"Let it go," Zed suddenly said. "At least it shows that Hanley is a person with some common sense. If he had left with Edna, he would have cut off all ties with his family. Even though Edna took away all the money, she couldn't take away family affection which, I think, Hanley cares about more. From this point of view, I think we've all underestimated him. Moore, you should watch out."

Zed warned him, because he didn't want his friend to be fooled.

Jean couldn't help laughing at him. "Aren't you a little bit too scrupulous? The family is going broke. Do you think Hanley has stayed back to covet the old house? I disagree. Indeed, the house is valuable, but it's nothing compared with the treasure that Edna took. Hanley would choose to leave with his mother if he really cared about the money. Don't you think so?"

Moore couldn't agree more with the idea and he expressed his agreement, "I totally agree with Jean."

Avery also nodded when she heard Jean.

Zed was outvoted now but he still couldn't understand why everyone was agreeing to trust Hanley. There was no way on Earth that he would trust Hanley. Why was everyone else?

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