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   Chapter 758 How Dull You Are

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6854

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Obviously, Moore cared about Avery sincerely.

When she was discharged from the hospital, he drove her to the hotel and went down on one knee proposing to Avery again in front of many people.

Only this time Moore was prepared. He handed Tina a beautiful three-carat diamond ring, that even Jean admired.

Among all of the guests, Jean was the happiest one. Deep inside, she was greatly touched and relieved.

She had never seen such a romantic scene before.

She was so happy that tears flowed down her cheeks.

'Thank goodness, they are finally engaged. They are so perfect together. Everybody will envy them.

I believe that they will get married soon, ' thought Jean.

At the sight of Jean's excited face, Zed smiled and held her in his arms. She leaned her head against his chest and felt so safe. She could feel Zed's love and support for her.

Jean was touched and deeply moved. Feeling overwhelmed by the romantic atmosphere around her, the tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

Zed had never proposed to her.

He didn't prepare a diamond ring before their wedding. They had bought their rings not long ago.

However, they were a happy couple. Jean felt extremely content with their marriage.

Zed cared about her sincerely. He was full of tenderness.

Jean was extremely happy and joyous for all of her dear friends who were either married or were engaged to be married.

Time had passed so quickly.

Ron and Maranda's wedding had already arrived.

Jean sat in front of the dressing table mirror doing her make-up. Then, she picked out a dress for herself from the wardrobe.

Although, Jean was three months pregnant, she wasn't showing at all. You couldn't tell that she was pregnant.

Jean looked at herself in front of the mirror and couldn't help but smile as she caressed her belly lovingly. She felt a lot of joy.

"Jean, are you ready?" asked Zed opening the door. When he saw her, he was so taken aback by her beauty. ' My God! She looks gorgeous!'

Zed couldn't take his e

"Okay, that's enough, Jean. Stop making fun of them," Zed said.

"Okay, I will stop making jokes. But I have a question for you. Moore, is your big day coming up soon, since you have gone public with your romance?" Jean asked with a big smile.

"Big day? What big day?" Moore asked, confused.

Avery knew what Jean meant. She felt extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed by Jean's bold question.

"Moore, how dull you are!" Jean heaved a disappointed sigh. She walked towards Moore and patted his shoulder. "When will you marry Avery? When will you hold a grand wedding for her? Ron and Maranda are having a big wedding. All the important people in H City have attended it. I'm really looking forward to your wedding," said Jean with excitement.

Moore clearly knew what she meant now.

His eyes were full of bitterness as he lowered his head, feeling awkward.

Zed gave a fake cough, trying to give Jean a hint.

However, Jean was so excited about the topic that she didn't notice Zed's gesture at all.

Even Avery turned to Moore and looked at him nervously.

Moore couldn't help but smile bitterly when he found that all of them were looking at him with expectation. After a short while, he said, "We just got engaged. I think we'd better spend some more time with each other. Avery, what do you think?"

said Moore turning to Avery.

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