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   Chapter 757 How About We Hold A Wedding Ceremony

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7303

Updated: 2019-06-01 00:13

"Nothing." Hearing that, Zed returned to his senses and shook his head.

"I know what is going on inside your mind. Even I hadn't believed what Moore said initially. But later on, I changed my mind." Jean smiled.

"What made you change your mind?" Zed looked at Jean and asked curiously.

"Think about it. Avery is very beautiful. Moreover, it's obvious that she loves Moore very much. Some people have an adaptive ability. People tend to get accustomed to the situation regardless of how uncomfortable it felt at the beginning. And they can naturally develop affection for each other after gettling along for some time. But it did surprise me when I saw Moore admit his love for Avery in front of me,"

Jean said, giggling happily.

"Why?" asked Zed, with a puzzled look.

"Moore is insensitive to love. But now, he has personally admitted that he likes Avery. Therefore, I think it's much beyond a mere infatuation. Otherwise, he wouldn't have proposed to Avery. He was too shy to express his love towards Avery directly," explained Jean, smiling happily.

Hearing her words, Zed sighed.

'Jean, it seems that you believe that you know Moore very well.

But as far as I know him, if he has expressed his feeling towards Avery, he must have hidden some words rather than bluntly convey Avery that he likes her.

By now, I'm fairly sure that he told you that he liked Avery just for the sake of not worrying you any further.

Since he has made his decision, we can only wish him happy.

But I don't know why I feel upset and guilty about it, somewhere deep inside me.'

Zed's mind got stormed with many thoughts.

"Zed, what's wrong with you? It seems as if you're unhappy regarding Moore being in love with Avery," Jean asked Zed anxiously.

"I'm not unhappy!" Zed replied, struggling to conceal his embarrassment. "I'm just surprised that Moore proposed to Avery and Juan has confessed his love to Tina. It seems that great changes have taken place in a matter of few days. Something doesn't feel right about all this."

"Yes. Recently, there have been two new pairs of lovers around us. Nothing more. I don't feel anything wrong about it." Jean nodded i

it is still a baby, it won't understand that its parents are holding their wedding ceremony. Then it will end up being meaningless both to our baby and to us,"

Jean explained.

Seeing Jean anxious, Zed regretted what he had blurted out.

'Why did I suggest that our baby should witness our wedding ceremony?

Now I've put myself in a dilemma!

If Jean has already decided that she wants our child to be our ring bearer, then it will impossible to hold a wedding ceremony immediately after our child is born.'

"Okay! It's up to you!" Zed compromised helplessly.

Having received the approval for the wedding of her dreams, Jean grinned. "Zed, I love you so much!"

After shouting that, Jean jumped into Zed's arms.

Zed remained half pleased about what just happened. He simply held her tightly.

Time seemed to pass by in a snail's pace.

Tina got discharged from the hospital two days later.

Avery also left the hospital with her company after staying there for a week or so.

Adolf also made it to the hospital. Apparently, after calming down for a week, this tall and handsome man had accepted the reality after all.

He remained absolutely calm throughout.

However, every time Jean looked at him, she read the ocean of sadness his blue eyes hid.

In the emotional world, happiness is always accompanied by sadness and pain.

Not everyone can remain happy, not always. Sadness comes to us all, one time or another.

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