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   Chapter 755 She Is In My Heart

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7069

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Jean turned back with a worried expression and went to look for Moore. Quickly, she was at the door of Avery's ward.

When she looked through the window, she saw Moore was peacefully feeding Avery. They weren't speaking. They were just looking at each other.

At the sight of this, Jean felt confused.

'Am I wrong?

Moore has really fallen in love with Avery? Is that the reason why he proposed to her?

He made the commitment because he loves her and not out of an impulse?

Whatever, I have to find it out. I can't stand the doubts!' thought Jean.

At the thought of this, she took out her phone and sent Moore a message.

"Moore, get out. I have some questions," Jean wrote.

After she was finished, Jean walked to the other side of the hall.

The door of the ward was opened slowly. Moore came out of the room.

He looked around and was surprised at the sight of Jean who was standing at the end of the hall. After a short while, he walked towards her.

"Why are you here? Why didn't you go to see Tina with Zed?" Moore asked her, looking puzzled.

"I was going to see Tina, but I turned back because I thought of some questions that I need to ask you. Let's find a quiet place to have a chat."

Although Moore was surprised, he still agreed with her suggestion.

They found a couple of chairs in a corner and sat down. Jean looked straight in Moore's eyes and asked, "Moore, tell me the reason why you proposed to Avery. Was it your intention? Or was it just a temporary decision?"

Jean asked him in a serious tone. Moore was dumbfounded. He wasn't expecting Jean to ask him about this.

As a result, he felt uneasy deep inside and confusion could be seen in his eyes.

Jean gazed at Moore closely. At last, she couldn't help but sneer at him when she found his face had changed. 'I know it's just a temporary decision, ' she thought.

"Why did you ask that?" Moore tried to control himself and pretended to ask her in a calm voice.

"Answer me first!" Jean refused to answer his question. Instead, she looked intently in his eyes and told him to answer he

ked and valued her until then. I regret that I ignored her before. She, is in my heart now. I believe that I can do everything for her."

At last, Moore lowered his head to conceal his true thoughts.

'No, it has to stop, Or else, Jean will perceive the truth, ' he thought.

Jean had no idea of his true thoughts. Her face lifted with excitement once she heard what he had said.

She looked at Moore with a big smile when he said that Avery was in his heart.

"I'm so happy to hear that. Avery is so gorgeous and excellent. You are the perfect match and I believe that you will fall in love with each other," said Jean. She patted his shoulder and continued, "Since you have proposed to Avery, you shall take good care of her and cherish your love. Do not disappoint and hurt Avery."

"I know," said Moore. He raised his head and nodded to Jean.

"I was really worried about you just now. I was afraid that you proposed to Avery out of sympathy. You made the decision because she was injured. From the beginning, I believed that you were the perfect match. That's why I worked so hard to bring you together. I will be very glad if you can get along well. But if you don't have feelings for her, I will not push you to love her. I don't hope my good intention would harm you instead. I sincerely wish you happiness, Moore," said Jean.

Her cheeks turned red and she felt a little embarrassed.

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