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   Chapter 754 Just For Fun

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7605

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"How is that even possible? Tina has agreed to be my girlfriend!" Juan explained hurriedly when he saw their incredulous looks on his question. However, when he continued, his tone was full of contempt, "But I am not Moore who got into trouble and then sacrificed the rest of his own life, just in order to amend that mistake.

Let me tell you this, he made a mistake. Whatever he says now, he can't change that fact. It was lucky for him that Avery let go of it so easily. If I were her, I wouldn't have been so fast. Proposing to Avery while he carries another woman in his heart! Goddamn that's ridiculous and bold. Only Moore would do that!"

"How do you know that Moore has another woman in his heart?"

Jean's face changed immediately and she hurriedly asked.

"How do I know? How can I not know! Isn't it obvious? Why did Avery go to the pub alone? Why did Adolf want to beat Moore up so badly in the hospital? Why did Moore propose to her in the ward? Everything that has happened till now shows clearly that Moore carries another name in his heart. I would be an idiot to miss that,"

Juan explained with a disapproving tone.

"Really? Is it that obvious?" Jean smiled bitterly and muttered under her breath.

'Even Juan can see the truth. So Moore's proposal to Avery is just to make up for his mistake?'

Zed glanced worriedly at Jean when he heard Juan's explanation.

'What's of utmost importance right now is to not let Jean get suspicious.

Moore has already made his decision and it's no use crying over spilt potion.

It would be best to not interfere or something unexpected might happen. And Avery is just beginning to immerse herself in the happiness she's just gained, which means she can't bear losing it again.'

"Juan, what kind of rumors are you spreading?" Zed rebuked Juan as soon as he noticed the changed color of Jean's face. "You can't even handle your own private life, let alone deduce someone else's. What are you meddling in other people's business for? If you have so much time that you can analyze everyone else's relationships, why don't you use it to think about what's going on between you and Tina?"

"What is going on between her and me?" Juan innocently asked in a puzzled tone. Clearly he didn't understand what

Zed a sideways glance as she tried to compose herself.

He seemed to hear something in her tone and gave her a long glance. He could see the panic and worry that had set on her face.

Just in one glance, he could tell what she was thinking about.

It was impossible that she felt nothing. However, as Moore's friend, he didn't want him to ruin his entire happiness and life just because of an impulse.

It would be best if Jean talked him out of it.

Thinking that to be the most suitable plan for the moment, Zed nodded, "Okay. We will wait for you."

Jean showed some kind of appreciation and after nodding at Zed, she walked back to where she had come from.

"Where is Jean going?" Juan asked in a puzzled tone as he saw Jean rush off hurriedly.

"She's got some other business to deal with right now." Zed didn't feel like disclosing the whole deal and after giving one last glance at Jean's back, he turned around and headed toward Tina's ward.

Juan was sure that Zed didn't want to tell him, but he couldn't badger him into telling him the truth unless Zed wanted to do so.

No one could have made him talk if he decided to clam up once.

'Jean is heading in the direction of Avery's ward.

Is she going to see them?

Did I say something wrong that made Jean want to see them?

If that is the case, that explains why Zed got mad at me and gave me such a long lecture.

But then, what was it that I said wrong?'

Juan followed Zed to Tina's ward with his heart full of questions.

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