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   Chapter 752 Will This Be A Happy Ending

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 12055

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'Am I wrong in being too confident, that Moore won't make any decisions against Avery at this point?' wondered Zed in his mind.

He could not help but frown and look anxiously at Moore, wondering what he was going to do next.

On the other hand, Jean seemed so surprised and happy at the sight of this. With a touched look on her face, she was waiting for something beautiful to happen.

For her, it was the scene that she had been hoping for, a long time. To see Moore and Avery gazing into each others eyes lovingly and talking tenderly.

'Oh my, what I've been dreaming of in my head has finally come true right this moment.

The price that Avery had paid for it, though, turned out to be really high.

Poor Avery, she was badly hurt and will have to recuperate in hospital for some time.

But I guess, if her suffering this time could change Moore's mind and make him to treat her with his heart, then it'll be worth it for her, ' thought Jean in her heart.

Everyone present was shocked and suspicious of Moore's unusual behavior at this moment, which could be seen from the expressions on their faces. But only Jean, fixed her eyes on Moore and Avery, with a look full of surprise and expectation.

'You are truly beautiful…' Avery repeated in her heart the words that Moore had said to her.

However, she felt extremely hurt considering their relationship might end after this. Her aching heart made her breathless and she could not find the words to respond for a moment as if a lump was in her throat, with sorrow evident on her face.

'What's the point of your compliments to me at this moment? No matter how beautiful or excellent I may be as you just said, I still can't compare with the woman who is in your heart. You only love her, not me. So are your tender words supposed to console me?

I've known you for a long time. I know what you're thinking and what you are up to. You are going to tell me your decision, aren't you?

All right, I have prepared myself for the decision you are going to tell me. So, no matter what it is and how reluctant I feel in my heart, I will try my best to fulfill it just for you, ' thought Avery as she closed her eyes in pain.

After a few seconds, she slowly opened her tearful eyes and choked on her sobs.

Moore looked at her in the most loving way with a gentle smile on his face. No one had ever seen him like that before, which really surprised them.

Everyone held their breath as they watched the two, waiting for something to happen between them. They could tell that Moore was about to say something to Avery.

'No!' uttered Zed in his mind, with uneasiness written all over his face.

Juan and Adolf had the same expression on their faces as if they too had the same feeling as Zed.

However, it was too late for any of them to come forward and stop Moore from doing or saying what he was about to.

Avery lay before Moore and judging by the look on her face she was anticipating the inevitable. In her heart she tried to prepare herself the best that she could for what Moore was about to say. Her heart was filled with sorrow and the pain showed clearly on her face.

All that they could do was watch and wait. The men exchanged uneasy looks between them as if praying that Moore wouldn't be so cruel to Avery at this moment. Whereas, Jean looked on with her heart full of joy.

Moore slowly knelt down before Avery and then gently took her hand, his eyes never leaving hers. Jean could barely hide her excitement. She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a squeal and tears of joy

ed in his mind suddenly.

He seemed to think of something really odd, with a grave look evident on his face.

'No, it was impossible for Moore to plan for this marriage proposal to Avery last night

when he himself was still immersed in sorrow. At least not the time when I talked with him.

So what is the exact reason why he is proposing now?

Moreover, he was kind of reluctant when he promised that he would try his best to reconsider his relationship with Avery and I could still remember his loathing facial expressions from last night. I don't think he had a clear goal in his mind on what to do at that time. He might have been putting me off back then.

But now…

What is the reason behind his sudden proposal then?

Is it true that he does so due to his terrible remorse and regret of Avery's injury? Is it really the reason why he's making such a decision suddenly?' Zed wondered, searching his mind for every possibility for Moore's sudden change of heart.

He could not help looking up at Moore, only to find that Moore fixed his eyes on Avery as if she was the only one he could see. There were nervousness and expectations evident on Moore's face.

Zed had to admit that, at least for now, Moore was sincere and heartfelt from the way he looked at Avery.

'Now I know, Avery is not dispensable in Moore's mind.

At the very least, he cares about her.

I knew how much he cared when he was waiting outside the operating room, ' thought Zed.

He felt relieved at the thought of this.

'Human beings are sentimental somehow. One will naturally have feelings for another after getting along with each other for a long time.

Therefore, maybe that's why Moore made such a decision at this time, after Avery's bad injury.

So he really wants to forget the past and start over with Avery!

All right, if that's what he wants, I am certainly with him, ' thought Zed in his mind.

Avery was still looking at Moore fondly as she found it hard to believe that he would kneel down in front of her and propose to her. He even asked her to help him forget about the past so they could build a new future together.

'Is it for real?

Or is it just a beautiful dream of mine?

Am I still in a dream to find him so gentle at this moment?' Avery wondered surprisingly in her mind, finding it hard to believe what Moore had just said and done for her.

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