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   Chapter 751 You Are Truly Beautiful

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Juan tried to make a sense of the situation. Did Moore feel regretful because he'd broken Avery's heart, which in turn made her go out for drinks and led to the injury?

Even if Adolf now accused Moore to be the cause of the accident, he kept quiet and didn't argue back.

In his place, Zed and Jean spoke to Adolf, trying to calm him down as Moore stood away, motionless, leaning against a wall.

He acted as if he had nothing to do with anything, completely indifferent.

Juan was someone who could be a bystander, but not Moore.

Even though Avery was soon to become an actress in his corporation, he had the least say in the current situation.

Moore's role was different.

He was Avery's boyfriend. It truly was complicated.

Nevertheless, Avery lay in the hospital, struggling for life, and he said nothing, did nothing, or rather, maybe found himself incapable of.

He didn't even furrow at Adolf's blunt accusations, neither did he join Zed and Jean in his own defense.

What was Moore thinking?

Juan was puzzled, growing restless by the minute.

Just as Adolf, Jean and Zed went on in that intense argument, a nurse came running out of the ward and said hurriedly, "The patient is awake."

Without stopping for any questions, she walked on to find the surgeon in-charge.

Everyone got excited at the news, as if life was granted back not just to Avery, but them too.

Juan looked at Moore and furrowed.

Moore didn't show a lot of excitement upon hearing the news, instead, just looked into the room through the glass window.

He saw Avery's beautiful eyes opening slowly, after which she looked around herself, trying to process the surroundings, wincing in pain.

Moore couldn't bear to see her like that, the pain reflected in his own face.

He sighed and opened his eyes again. Now, his face was resolute.

It seemed like he had just made the hardest decision of his life.

What did he want?

Juan looked at him from a distance, his heart twitching, wondering if Moore had decided to break up with Avery?

That was what it looked like.

From their argument earlier, he could tell that Moore and Avery had had a fight, which had somehow ended in the current situation.

Was their relationship really that problematic?

Juan realized the seriousness of the matter and nudged Zed to go out and talk about it. Then he started walking away from the ward.

Zed didn't know what Juan wanted but decided to follow him, nevertheless. They ended up in a corner with almost nobody around them. Juan stopped, tur

k as he saw Avery upset like that. He held her hand and gently wiped her tears. "Alright, stop crying. Remember, you need to look pretty all the time," he joked.

The softness in his voice and the smile on his face were unusual.

This genuineness was something she could've only imagined in a dream. But it was real and it was for her. This was Moore like she'd never seen him before.

Avery closed her eyes, heartbroken. She knew this could only mean one thing.

This was the last of Moore she was getting, this soft, truthful Moore.

However, she was already satisfied.

Even though her heart ached endlessly, there was no way to forcibly get something that didn't belong to her.

"I know..." she managed to say. She opened her eyes and looked at his beautiful face. "I know it's hard for you to be with me. But you've made your decision, and you are not to blame for anything," she said, trying to sound strong.

"Avery, I can't thank you enough. You are truly one of the best people I have ever known." He smiled at her as his eyes filled up. "You are truly beautiful, inside out," he said, clutching her hand.

She couldn't control the flood of tears that appeared then. She let herself go completely.

Zed and Jean gazed at each other, at a loss of words. Juan and Adolf also listened to the exchange closely.

Everyone knew, it could not be that simple.

Why had Moore transformed completely into a different person the moment Avery woke up?

He seemed like a tender lover, saying all things sweet and soft to Avery, drowning her in a sea of gentle caresses.

'Is this out of guilt of finally deciding to let her go for real? Was Juan right, after all?' Zed got worried.

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