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   Chapter 750 It's None Of Your Business

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7904

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"Don't worry about this. I have asked my men to do the investigation," said Zed turning to Jean.

Once he was told that Avery was injured, he immediately contacted Toby to run an investigation while he was on the way to the hospital.

Moore glanced at Zed with gratitude. No words could express his thanks for Zed's great kindness.

Zed sighed and looked at Moore reassuringly, patting him on the shoulder and said nothing.

That was all that he could do.

Jean was filled with sadness. She walked towards Moore and comforted him, "Moore, don't worry. Avery will be fine."

"Yes..." said Moore with a hoarse voice as he nodded. Then, he stood up and turned to the emergency room.

The door of the emergency room was still closed. Nobody had come out yet.

With every moment passing by, the group of friends became more anxious and worried.

Adolf blamed himself for everything, he felt so guilty that he almost wanted to die.

The group stared blankly at the emergency room and then heard quick footsteps coming towards them in the hall.

"Zed! Jean! You're here!" Juan ran towards them. He was out of breath.

They all turned around and were surprised to see him. "How did you know that we are here?" Zed asked frowning.

"Just now, when I went to buy some food for Tina. I overheard some people saying that an international star had been injured badly and was sent to the hospital. I was so worried and had to come to see if it was Avery. I didn't expect..."

Juan was so heartbroken now that he knew that was Avery. He had trouble speaking.

Adolf, who had been nervously pacing up and down the hall heard Juan's words and lost all self-control.

He ran to the emergency room door and dropped down onto his knees, crying out, "Avery, be brave and live! It's all my fault! If it weren't for me, you would never have been hurt... You saved my life! You must live!"

Juan gasped, stunned by what Adolf said and turned to Zed and Jean. 'My God! What happened?' he thought.

Jean couldn't help but sigh deeply as she walked towards Zed, giving him a sign.

Zed looked at her and nodded. He walked to Adolf and tried to comfort him, "Adolf, don't blame it on yourself. You weren't responsible for what happened. I'm sure that Avery will be fine."

"I'm worried about her. She has been in the emergency room for a long time," sobbed

ng unwarranted charges. Although Moore broke her heart, it's none of your business. They're a couple. They quarreled and it's not a big deal. Adolf, I know you are sad and feel guilty that Avery was injured. You blame yourself for not protecting her. But you can't just blame it on Moore. It's unfair. Can't you see that he is really worried and deeply affected inside?" said Jean.

"No, I didn't. I don't think he is worried at all. That's why I am so angry. Before Avery passed out, she had been calling his name. But look at him! He doesn't care about her at all! I can't see any worried or sad expression on his face. He is too calm. He's not affected at all! He doesn't deserve her love!"

Adolf shouted filled with anger.

"Adolf, please don't say that. Jean is right. It's unfair to criticize him," said Zed. "We all show our emotions differently. I can see that Moore is full of sadness even though you can't see it on his face. All of us can tell that he is," continued Zed.

"Yes, Adolf. Calm down. I can understand totally what you are thinking of. You have wronged Moore. He really cares about her,"

Jean added, looking anxious.

Juan didn't comment. Instead, he stood aside and observed Moore who just stood there in silence.

Juan was puzzled. Although he had only met Moore a couple of times and knew that he was a man of few words, he couldn't shake the feeling of something being odd of how Moore remained unsettled and silent the whole time.

'What happened to him? Is it because of Avery? He is too worried to speak a word?' thought Juan.

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