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   Chapter 746 Do I Have Another Option

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'But as for Zed and Jean, are they also bothered by the relationship between Avery and me?'

Thinking of this, Moore blamed himself. He never realized his behavior would cost his friends' so much energy.

"Since you know how hard we have worked for your relationship, treat her well from now on. Zed and I wish you happiness." Noticing that Moore figured it out, Jean seized the opportunity to inspire him. Just as she said, their happiness was the most important.

"I will. I swear." A wry smile appeared on Moore's face. He wanted to follow his heart, but he didn't want to hurt his friends, so he had to disguise his feelings.

Zed consoled him with a squeeze of his shoulder and then they walked towards the dining room. Everyone was delighted to have fixed a long-lasting problem, but Moore.

Jean was starving. She had eaten something not that long ago, but the food didn't keep her satisfied for long.

She had spent a long time worrying about the relationship between Avery and Moore and trying to get them back together again took a lot of energy from her. She was indeed very fatigued.

Her appetite had recovered after finally not having to worry about her two friends. She ate a lot and chatted a lot, she felt happy and content again.

Sitting there watching Jean gobble down her food, Moore felt more miserable. He couldn't eat a thing.

'From now on, I won't burden Zed or Jean with my problems. They have done enough for me, just look at how Jean is eating and chatting happily without my problems to concern her.

Moore, don't try to make any change since you've made the decision. It's your choice and just accept it.' Moore told himself over and over again.

Indeed, he did his best to maintain the relationship with Avery. Although, inside he felt oppressed and dismal. No one could find out how hard it was for him in this relationship.

The peace and harmony on the surface were based on his self-control and the concealment of his true feelings.

He didn't expect to see Avery today, nor did he expect that she would find out his secret of which he hid so well.

But hearing the words "Break up" from Avery, Moore felt released instead of concerned. Maybe he was hoping for this for a long time, unconsciously, so he didn't feel any emotion.

After all, it was Avery who suggested they break up, which meant he didn't need to take responsibility for anyone, neither Avery nor Jean.

Therefore, he didn't attempt to reply, he just looked at her, silently.

He didn't realize that his reaction had irritated Avery so much. That she came to Jean for help, which was the last thing he wanted to see.

When Avery left, the joy was also gone.

fault not to appreciate your kindness,"

Moore said, blaming himself again.

Zed was shocked by Moore's words, because he never thought Moore could say that. He suddenly felt like he didn't know him.

"Do you really want to lead a life like this forever, by torturing yourself?"

Zed sympathized with him even more. He still hoped to do something for him.

"Do you think I still have the chance to embrace happiness?"

asked Moore feeling depressed.

Zed couldn't get over Moore's desperation. He was too worked up to calm down.

He might be wrong, but he just couldn't let Jean bring Moore and Avery together and do nothing about it.

He should know from his own experience that love can't be forced. As a friend, they shouldn't force Moore to accept a relationship he didn't want. It was unfair to him who cherished their friendship so much.

But, he sat idly by and watched Moore be forced to accept Avery, twice. Zed was filled with regret.

Sadness that was never seen before showed up on Moore's handsome face, so strong and yet so desperate. Zed couldn't tell if it was because of the wine or something else.

'I thought Moore would have forgotten about Jean if she tried her best to bring the two together.

After all, Avery is a beautiful and faithful girl whose infatuation with him should have moved him. But I was wrong.

Maybe I was too selfish and just wished that Moore would move on with Avery that I seldom cared about his feelings.

Because of my selfish motive, I never stopped Jean trying to match them. All of this caused him a great deal of sadness and heartache.

However, such pain also surrounds me when I see clearly how sorrowful he is. I wish I did something then. If I did, things may have been different, ' Zed thought with remorse.

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