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   Chapter 744 What A Mandatory Order

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10136

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Zed and Moore suddenly looked up at Jean as they heard her speak. The shock was evident on their faces. This was unbelievable.

What she'd said sounded like a mandatory order.

Zed wondered since when had Jean become so bossy. This was unlike anything she'd said before.

At the same time, Moore stared at Zed, wondering the same. He was pretty sure this was something new to him as well. His eyes fixated on him, it seemed like he was begging for his help. However, the only thing Zed could do was looking back at him, shrugging, spreading his hands in front of him, quiet.

He hadn't expected Jean to react so loudly at Moore's break up with Avery.

It really looked like Moore was having a hard time pulling himself out of this.

Moore realized he was on his own. His face turned pale, as if he'd seen a ghost. He took a moment to breathe and asked, carefully, "But, why? Jean, you know I don''t feel the same for Avery. No matter what ties us together or for how long, it's never going to work out. Why don't you understand?

Why do you insist on me being with her? Her being an excellent individual or being nice to me does not make any difference. There is absolutely no point."

Moore's voice dripped helplessness.

"So, you're trying to say you're still fond of that married woman?"

Jean asked out of anger, glaring at Moore, her voice piercing.

She was out of control. Zed cast a serious look at Moore that suggested for him to answer the question very carefully. Jean was very vulnerable right now. She could be triggered easily.

But now he understood what was happening.

That's what Moore had told Jean. That he was in love with 'a married woman'. Well, how apt!

On Moore's face, there was only embarrassment. First, He hadn't expected Jean to be so blunt. Plus, Zed's presence there made it even more difficult for him.

As things had turned out, she didn't know who the married woman was but Zed did. His wife. Moore's friend. Jean, who posed this question.

'If he really knows the love I have for Jean only, he definitely wouldn't help me, ' thought Moore.

He felt helpless. A painful look came about his face as he shut his eyes, composing himself to answer.

"This has nothing to do with her, Jean. Didn't I already tell you last time there was no possibility of us being together? It's not like I want to be with her, anyway. My decision of not being with Avery is independent of who I am fond of. Can't we judge this matter based solely on the merits and demerits of the relationship?"

Moore asked with as much sincerity as he could exert.

Although his eyes were fixed on Jean's face, all the while he intended the words to reach Zed. Indirectly, he wanted to convey he didn't mean to cause their relationship any harm.

All he was trying to prevent was Zed's misinterpretation of Jean's question. Even now, in this tense situation, this held utmost of his concern.

Somehow though, Moore's words stimulated Jean even more, making her angrier. With indign

if you do not share the feelings with her. I do not want you to keep making the same mistakes by loving the wrong person.

After all, the woman is married. Knowing you, you would never express your feelings to her lest you ruin her happiness. But, as a friend, all I care about is for you to be happy.'

With her eyes fixed on him, she still hoped he would change his mind and give Avery another chance.

Jean sounded so calm now, Moore was shocked. How could her tone change so suddenly? He failed to respond for a few seconds.

'Jean, is that what you're hoping for?

For me to fake happiness on the outside, than to love the person I love?'

There were things left unsaid on both sides.

Zed stood, looking like he was in deep thought. His face got puzzled, as he tried to read the scene.

He wondered if deep down she knew who Moore loved and that was making her push him further away from the idea.

'No way!' Zed said to himself in his mind.

As far as he knew her, if she'd even had an inkling of herself being that woman, she wouldn't have calmed down at all.

So why was she pushing him so much?

Was it really for Avery's sake? He kept wondering in loops but couldn't conclude anything.

"Do you think I am defending Avery by my questions to you? If that's what you're thinking, then let me tell you, you're wrong. And I'll be very sad if you keep thinking that," said Jean, slowly, kindly. She looked at Moore intently and added, "Back then, when I'd fixed you up with Avery, I had no idea you loved someone else. But now that I know that along with the fact that she is married, I just can't accept it. It is immoral, Moore. I'm not going to let you make any more mistakes by retaining her in your heart."

Moore was shocked at Jean's words. He couldn't take the polarity of her words. At the same time, he couldn't help but pity himself for the situation he was in.

'Wrong? Is it really wrong to love you?'

He looked deep in her eyes and asked, in his own mind, of course.

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