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   Chapter 742 Give You An Explanation

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7073

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Avery tried to flash back what happened earlier. After she had questioned Moore and accused him and even broken up with him in the moment of rage, she was hoping for something, anything from him would have been better. She stood heartbroken, desperately trying to read Moore's emotions of how he felt. But he just stood there and looked at her in shock, without saying a word.

'Jean is right about his character. He is a taciturn and nerdy guy.

Even when I mentioned about breaking up, he wouldn't say a word to stop me, ' she thought.

Avery was devastated and felt powerless.

It was always her alone, trying to maintain the relationship and

she felt emotionally exhausted.

She had been loving him for so many years and if it ended this way, all she had in her life was regret.

'Moore had sent Zed to put in a good word for him. He is trying to make a compromise. Should I consider forgiving him?

No! If he hasn't given me an explanation, I can't just forgive him that easily.'

Avery's expression became stern when she thought of this. She looked at Jean and Zed and then said, "I want to hear what he has to say personally."

Zed and Jean exchanged an awkward expression.

Finally Jean smiled and said, "Okay, I will ask Moore to give you an explanation himself."

'It's water under the bridge. It makes no sense to bring that unknown girl up again and mess up the relationship that they have now.

Moore is surely sensible enough to see that Avery is a blessing to him, the best he could hope for.'

At the thought of this, Jean promised Avery with confidence.

However, Zed was preoccupied while watching Jean with a worried expression.

Both Jean and Avery thought Moore called Zed because he cared about Avery.

Only Zed himself knew clearly that Moore was worrying about Jean and he couldn't say it. That was why he asked Zed to help.

Moore was worried that once Avery suspected Jean, she could end up doing something unwarranted.

It was beyond Moore and Zed's imagination that things would become so complicated. Jean promised that Moore would give Avery an explanat

. But then she frowned deeply. "How can I ask Moore to give Avery an explanation? By the way, why did he call you? Why didn't he show up himself? Instead he asked you to come and see Avery. Zed, do you know what is really in his mind?"

Zed looked at Jean intently after hearing her questions.

'It looks like you are finally waking up now.'

Zed couldn't understand why Jean was so blind to Moore's feelings about her.

'Is it because Moore hides it too well, or because Jean trusts Moore too much?

Or perhaps both?'

What troubled Zed even more was his willingness to keep helping Moore.


What a hell of a mess this is.'

"How could I know what is in his mind?" Zed said frowning. "But from Avery's reaction, this is a huge blow to her. I don't know how Moore is holding out."

"Let me call him and ask. He is our friend. He's probably very depressed after going through this. I'm going to ask him out to have a good talk. Zed, don't you have to go to work this afternoon?"

Jean asked.

"I have left instructions with the staff at the office. I don't have to go into work today," Zed replied immediately.

"Okay, then I'll ask Moore to come to our house. With your help, I am sure Moore will have to agree with us," Jean said with a smile.

Zed nodded after giving her a long thoughtful glance.

'I do want to stay and see how Moore will respond to your questioning.'

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