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   Chapter 741 The Relationship That Never Existed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8598

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"Avery, what are you talking about? I can't belive you said that!" On hearing what Avery had just said, Jean's mind instantly filled with rage. Jean had never considered the possibility of Avery misunderstanding her intentions. She earnestly wanted to help. Jean protested, "What makes you think that I'm merely helping you out of sympathy? You are a super star. You can have anything you wish for delivered to you. Why would I think you are pathetic? There exists no 'Right' or 'Wrong' in any relationship. There are two reasons that I'm trying to bring you and Moore together. First of all, Moore is my best friend. I want him to have a good companion for life. Secondly, I adore you. I reckon that you and Moore are perfectly compatible.

If you two end up together, I will be the happiest person on earth. Deep inside, I think you are a lovely and considerate girl. Even though Moore hadn't fallen in love with you initially, eventually he will. I know him. I'm pretty sure that he is bound to fall in love with you one day. Hence, I've nurtured the dream of bringing you two together in life. If you still think I'm trying to humiliate you and are suspicious of my intention, then Avery, we cannot remain friends any more."

Finishing her sentence, Jean turned her head away. She was so furious that she didn't spare a glance at Avery.

Avery was surprised by Jean's words and blinked in confusion.

"What's the matter? Are you both having a fight? I could hear your quarrel from outside..." The familiar voice coming from the doorway surprised Jean.

"Zed, Why are you home at this time? Shouldn't you be in the office at this hour?" Jean asked, looking at Zed in a surprised look.

"Someone who was worried about you and Avery, gave me a call for my help," Zed said as he walked towards Jean and placed his hand on her shoulder.

In an instant, Jean figured out who the 'someone' in question was. It must have been Moore.

'Right! Avery is a stranger here. Except Adolf, am I not the only friend with whom she can share her feelings?

Undoubtedly, Moore was aware of it too. Then, he might have contacted Zed for help.

But, something that bothers me is, why didn't Moore call me?

If Moore had called me and informed me beforehand, I would have prepared myself for Avery's problem.

If that was the case, things would not have been gotten this bad.

But anyway, on the brighter side, Zed has come home, ' Jean thought. She was happy that Zed was with her in this difficult moment.

"So, it was Moore. He was worried about Avery, wasn't he?" J

hearing what Jean had said, an eerie silence prevailed. Avery was lost in her thoughts. She was still thinking about what Zed and Jean had just blurted out.

"Really? He wants to protect me, does he?'

Avery wasn't willing to let the issue pass. 'When I confronted Moore, he didn't seem to care. At least, I didn't detect any concern from him. He just gazed at me without offering any explanation.

At that moment, my gut seemed to tell me that he has lost all love he had for me.

He was just trying to protect that girl for whom he has developed sincere feelings. He doesn't want to cause her any harm.

To protect his girl, he chose to keep me in the dark.

But, Zed and Jean both are asserting that Moore was trying to protect me....

Should I trust them? Or Should I trust my gut?' Avery seemed to be in an unbreakable deadlock. She still didn't know whom to believe.

Jean noticed that Avery didn't protest what she had just said. "As you know, Zed and I are the only friends of Moore in this place, Avery. He has never mentioned anything about this girl to us. What does it prove? I'm pretty sure that the girl is not anyone whom we are familiar with.

Besides, in everyone's heart, undoubtedly, there exists 'a place for someone', but we can't reveal it to anyone. For us, she or he only existed in our past and it will remain etched in our memory. Avery, you know Moore very well. He is a nerdy boy. He isn't so expressive when it comes to his feelings. He simply couldn't muster enough courage to tell you when he developed feelings for someone else. Anyway, he asked Zed to intervene and protect your relationship. It proves that he cares about you, and he still loves you," Jean added.

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