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   Chapter 739 We've Broken Up

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7249

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"Bad timing!" Jean sighed. "It's no wonder Tina had no idea that you were incubating feelings for her over the years. It confused her and made her want to leave eventually. And if she has left for good now Juan, then you totally deserve that!"

"Jean, I..." Juan was embarrassed to hear her reproach and didn't know what to say.

"Relax... I am just kidding. But now that Tina has agreed to stay with you, I believe you should do something that makes her feel that her decision was worthwhile. Do you know what I mean?" Jean looked into his eyes and asked.

"Of course. You're completely right." Juan was excited from head to toe on hearing the proposal. He got up quickly, and promised with his eyes shining, "Don't worry, Jean. This time, I will definitely show and prove how much I love Tina without causing her to faint in the process."

Juan rushed into the washroom.

This time, he would tidy up and prepare himself nicely before meeting Tina.

"Juan..." Jean called out as she leaned against the door of the washroom. "Do you really love Tina from the bottom of your heart?"

"Absolutely!" Juan's muffled voice came in through the door, muddied by the flowing water he was washing his mouth with.

"What is it that you like the most about her?" Jean was curious.

"What do I like most in her?"

Juan turned around and fixed his eyes on Jean. It didn't take him long to answer in a determined voice, "I like everything about her."

Seeing that there were no signs of hesitation or second thoughts on Juan's face, Jean nodded unconsciously. "Good. Now, when you see Tina, tell her exactly what you've just told me! Everything that has troubled your relationship until now comes down to just one thing: lack of communication. It's kind of ironic you know... Two people who spent their entire time growing up with each other faced the most misunderstandings..." Jean's voice trailed into thoughts.

"You're right Jean. Thank you!" Juan excitedly told her and walked outside.

Jean gazed behind him as he jogged out quickly and a smile appeared on her face. It seemed that Juan had finally understood what was going on. She nodded in satis

about everything. But every time, the only topic they had brought up was Moore.

What if...

Jean sensed something was afoot. She couldn't help gazing at Avery, and asked in a serious tone, "Avery, what is it that you want to tell me?"

Avery tried to compose herself before replying. But her face was still pale.

She stared at Jean blankly for a moment and the entire house became silent.

Suddenly, tears started pouring out from her eyes, like tiny crystal beads, drop by drop.

Seeing this, Jean was shocked. She didn't know what to do. "Avery! What's wrong? What's going on? Did Moore treat you badly?"

Avery shook her head but grief was written all over her face. She looked up and told Jean sadly, "Jean, we broke up!"

Avery buried her face in her hands and burst out crying before she could even finish her words.

"We've broken up..."

Avery's words echoed in Jean's ears and she was completely taken aback. She looked at Avery in stunned disbelief, not knowing what to say.

No wonder Avery had come there alone today. Now Jean understood why Avery hadn't said much before bursting out crying.

'But why did they break up?'

"I remembered you two billing and cooing the other day. It's impossible that you and he..." Jean still couldn't believe it and her voice trailed off.

"It happened today. I was the one who wanted to break up," Avery told Jean as she tried to stop crying and wiped her tears.

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