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   Chapter 738 The Wrong Time

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"Tina, Please listen to me carefully. You need to think twice before doing anything." Tina's plan made Jean angry. She knew leaving Juan was a useless venture for Tina. As always, she decided to convince her. "Don't make a choice for Juan. He knows what he wants in his life. Be with him, help him get his freedom. You know how much it means to him, the way his love does to you.

I know you're capable of this. You are better than Juan on the grounds that his family has trained you so well. Be a sword to him. You are the key for his dreams to come true. Don't think about leaving. He never wanted this. Facing difficulties together, that's what true love is."

Jean held her hands and looked at her intently, hoping her words will hit Tina. She stopped talking then, giving Tina the time to take it in consciously and thinking about it.

Tina was touched. She stared at Jean surprisingly, the sound of her words reverberating in her ears, resonating with her heartbeat. The love that she was trying to suppress oozed up in her heart again. She loved Juan, deeply, madly.

All this time, leaving him seemed like the only option to help him which would have made her extremely sad.

Jean made it all sound different. Now, she felt she could have a vital role in helping Juan against his family. Facing them and dealing with the business would be very difficult for him to do alone.

The pressure from the businesses and all the tricks the people around him played could ruin him. Tina couldn't let that happen.

"Jean, you've changed my mind. I will stay. I will help him do everything and stand firmly by his side."

Jean was instantly relieved. It was real, Tina loved Juan endlessly. Her face burst with happiness while she was talking.

Still, Jean was a little worried. "So are you gonna go back to how you lived formerly? Plus, Juan is still angry with you. How are you going to handle that?"

Tina's decision was firm. She replied, confidently, "I can wait until he forgives me. You know how he treated me before. Surely, this can't be worse than that. It's nothing different. I'm used to it."

It seemed like Tina could face Juan yet again, looking beyond the complexities that had occurred over the last two days.

Jean was convinced. She was sure Tina would stay and manage everything well.

Yet, she felt somewhat bad for her.

"Tina, I admire your determination and I assure I won't let Juan treat you the way he did before. You shouldn't have to go through anything like that," she said, her eyes full of empathy.

Tina nodded, grateful for how helpful Jean had been. She gave her a long hug, sitting on the bed, and thanked her for being there for both herself and Juan.

Tina's mood was lifted. Smiling over things, she had a bowl of porridge and they talked for the longest time.

After a couple of hours, Tina could make out how tired Jean was. She remembered how Jean had gotten sick a few days back and had not recovered fully yet. She spoke, looking at her drained face, "Jean, I feel much better now. There is no need for you to stay here with me. Thank you so much for talking to me. I think you should go back home and rest. You seem very tired."

At the same time, something occurred to Jean and she nodded, agr

f this hypothetical George or anything else, you can let her go. I wouldn't intervene again."

Confessing the truth seemed like the only choice to her now. She was exhausted trying to talk sense into him.

Juan had so many questions in his head.

All he could manage to do was stare at Jean for a long time with no reaction. It might have sounded unbelievable to his ears. Reading his expression, she went on, "Juan, It's true. Tina will stay. She even told me she will wait for you until you forgive her."

Juan was shocked. Things had taken a wild turn. He squinted his eyes at her words and asked, "Really? "Tina... She is staying? Are you sure?" Juan needed a confirmation. Everything had flipped upside down so quick.

Jean replied with a smile, "Yes. She will stay for sure. Do you know why she wanted to leave?" Jean asked, again.

He didn't know, but he wanted to know so badly. His heart had come out of the ice and he felt like a weight had lifted off his chest.. He shook his head no.

"She thought you didn't love her truly. She was afraid the relationship was temporary. She thought you only treated her well sometimes because you felt guilty or some other stupid reason."

Juan listened intently. This was so bad. He couldn't imagine how horrible Tina might have felt. Seeing how quiet Juan was, Jean continued, "May I ask why you didn't show your love even when you were with her, last night?" Jean didn't understand why Juan felt a need to hide his emotions.

"I..." Juan didn't know how to answer. He felt embarrassed. But he started talking.

"I did show my love. I told her how much l loved her. I even proposed to her. In fact, I was so shy, I couldn't even look her in the eye. She fainted before I could even finish! Of course, she doesn't remember, what else do you expect from someone who goes unconscious at the confession of love!"

In Jean's mind, this seemed like a comedy scene but she didn't even chuckle because she didn't want to seem rude. She just stifled it with a cough.

Juan really had found a wrong time to confess his love. But like she always said, life was short.

And it seemed like now was a good time for a redo.

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