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   Chapter 736 How Can You Be So Cruel

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7525

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At that moment, Juan's heart overflowed with tenderness as he looked at Tina affectionately. However, Tina didn't seem happy. Deep inside, she was not deeply touched. Her face was white as a sheet. After a short while, Tina looked up and gave a faint smile at him.

Jean couldn't help but frown at the sight of her response. Somehow, she had a bad feeling that something was wrong.

After Tina had woken up, Jean felt that she was a changed woman.

It appeared as though she wasn't into Juan anymore. She didn't show any excitement when Juan looked at her lovingly.

'Zed said that Tina might have changed her mind when she had her near death experience. She might not regard Juan as important anymore. Is he right? I hope it's not true.

If Tina doesn't love Juan anymore, what will happen to Juan? He won't be able to stand it.

It took him a long time to find out his true feelings for Tina. But if Tina...' thought Jean.

Her heart sank as she thought of that possibility. She looked up and walked towards him. "Juan, it's already office hours. You should find the doctor and ask him when Tina will have the thorough examination."

Actually, Juan had already asked the doctor about the examinations. However, he agreed with Jean when she winked at him in secret. "Okay. Tina, have a good rest. I'll be back in a few minutes," Juan replied.

"Okay," said Tina. She nodded, but didn't look at Juan at all.

Juan looked at Tina again. Then, he stood up and glanced at Jean.

Jean nodded to him slightly. Watching Juan leave the ward, Jean turned to Tina and sat down.

At that moment, Tina was sitting on the bed weakly. Her eyes dimmed and she was lost in her thoughts. It seemed that her spirit had freed itself from her body.

"Tina..." At the sight of her tragic expression, Jean couldn't help but sob. "Why did you do that last night? Fortunately, you are fine now. Or else we would all have been very heartbroken. How silly you are! You shouldn't have hurt yourself. We can solve all of our problems in other ways and committing suicide is definitely not one of them!" said Jean.

"Jean, you know that nobody can solve our problems. I don't know how to handle the relationship with Juan," replied Tina. She raised her he

't get it." Tina heaved a deep sigh. "I'm really sick of that kind of life. I've spent twenty years on him and his family. I don't want to live that way. That's why I have decided to leave. I've made up my mind, so I won't care about these problems."

"Tina, please. Just think about it."

Jean's face fell with great shock. She couldn't believe what was happening. It seemed that Tina was totally different.

Before Jean had time to persuade Tina, the door flew open and in came Juan full of anger and rage. He had overheard their conversation.

"Jean, that's enough! Don't waste your time. She is determined to leave me. Leave her alone and respect her decision. Let her leave," he said angrily.

"Juan, don't say that." Jean was surprised by what he said. She felt confused.

The reason why she asked him to leave was to be alone with Tina to try and persuade her to stay with Juan.

She didn't expect him to eavesdrop by the door.

Things had become complicated. Juan knew that Tina was going to leave him now.

"Jean." Juan turned to Jean. His eyes were filled with pain and sadness. "You can't ask her to stay. She has made up her mind to leave me. Just let her leave," he said sadly.

After he had finished, Juan turned and quietly left without looking back at Tina.

Jean wanted to stop him, but didn't know what to say. All that she could do was to sadly watch him walk away.

'How could this have happened?

I didn't expect it all to end this way, ' thought Jean.

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