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   Chapter 732 It Was Too Late

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Panicking, Jean felt overwhelmed with worry and started to scream loudly to get the attention of the authority. The female front desk receptionist heard Jean's cries and immediately rushed over to the room and swiped the access card to open the door but to no avail.

Jean stood beside the receptionist and watched as the key card had failed for more than three times now. She tapped the receptionist on the shoulder and asked, "Is it possible that there's another lock inside that can't be opened from the outside?"

Jean's words and how she trembled rang throughout the hallway, making all else present in the scene startle and think that something had happened to Tina inside the room to the point that she had even locked herself in.

The receptionist was about to keep trying until the hotel manager came rushing towards the door, bringing with him four security guards. With the manager's order, the guards started to attempt to break the door open by hitting it over and over again with a baseball bat-like weapon.

The manager and the receptionist made Jean and Zed stay a few feet away from the door for debris started to fly off as the guards kept pounding at the door. Jean bit her lip and crossed her arms, feeling rather helpless and on the verge of collapse just thinking about Tina's safety.

Zed noticed how Jean trembled with fear and great anxiety, so he embraced and comforted her. In a gentle voice, he said, "Don't worry, Jean. Tina will be fine."

Jean glanced at Zed and gave him a weak smile. She then returned her gaze at the door. She knew Zed was only trying to comfort her, but she couldn't help but feel that something bad had really occured to Tina, otherwise Tina would not have locked the door from the inside, or that she would have responded by opening the door, especially by the loud banging the guards were making. Customers in other hotel rooms had already started to come out and check what was happening, so how could Tina not hear and respond to this? Unless...

At last, the four guards successfully broke the door open. The hotel manager rushed in first, followed by the receptionist and two of the security guards, while the other two, Jean, and Zed remained outside.

At the very moment, Jean should have been relieved and pleased to see the door open, but she only started to feel hesitant and dared not to take even a single step towards the room, afraid that her thoughts deemed true.

Zed turned to Jean. He started to slightly tremble and saw how the blood dropped from Jean's face. She looked like someone who saw death, hollow and pale with fear. He immediately understood why Jean was frozen still and looked dead straight by the door, so he grabbed Jean's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. When Jean finally looked at him in the eyes, he said, "You stay here. I will go inside the room to have a look."

Jean looked at Zed and at the room. She considered it for a moment and then heaved a deep breath of courage before looking back at Zed, shaking her head in disapproval. "No, I am coming with you." Zed started to feel reluctant about Jean wanting to enter for she didn't look very well at the moment, but he knew that he wasn't going to win if he argued for her to stay outside, so he nodded his head and held her hand as they entered the room together.

The hotel staff, who dashed into the room, stood outside the bedroom with their attention towards the bed. When they noticed Zed and Jean's presence, they walked back and gave way for them in silence, with heads lowered and eyes looking rather devastated.

Jean immediately felt the dismal atmosphere, making her heart sink even more than it already had.

Jean reluctantly walked inside the bedroom, her steps getting heavier and heavier the closer she moved inside. She lowered her head as she walked, watching her steps and forced them to move. As soon as she was a few steps behind the bedroom door, she slowly raised her head and scanned the room. The moment her eyes hit the bed, she gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. Her eyes froze at the sight of Tina, still wearing her glamorous makeup and elegant clothes, lying on the queen-sized bed with her long, blond hair neatly spread out on the bed.

"No…" Jean whispered and then she repeated, yelling the word over and over again while tears started to

nd gave him a weak smile. She was about to lean on him again when she heard hurried steps coming their way.

'Is that Juan coming?

Impossible, I mean, this fast?

I don't think it was even possible to come here that quick by airplane, ' Jean thought.

Confused by so many questions, Jean raised her head and looked at the direction from which the footsteps were coming, anticipating who could it be. Finally, the hotel manager entered the room and walked towards them. He stood in front of them, taking deep breaths as he tried to catch his breath. As he slowly calmed down, he said, "Forgive me for I have gotten used to elevators, but Mr. Qi, I found this letter inside Miss Tina's room. I thought it might be more useful and important to you than it would be in police custody, so before the police arrived at the scene, I immediately grabbed it and rushed here."

Then, the hotel manager politely handed an envelope holding the letter over to Zed.

Surprise was reflected on Zed's face as he shifted his gaze from the manager to the envelope he was handing over to him. He took the letter pleasantly.

Jean, who was looking at Zed, was shocked and confused by his reaction.

She had no idea that Zed could be pleasantly surprised by the letter.

"Well, if there is nothing else I can do to help you, then I am going back first. The police might look for me," said the hotel manager, who left immediately after Zed had nodded and thanked him for this thoughtful gesture.

Jean didn't say anything until the manager was out of the room. She turned her body and faced Zed before asking, "Zed, why do I feel like you're suddenly filled with joy after receiving that letter? Pray, do tell."

Zed moved his body to face Jean as well and raised the envelope up for her to see. "You see this? This must be a letter Tina wrote for Juan. But that's not why I'm delighted. I hope that she wrote a long letter, because the longer it is, the greater the chances of Tina…"

"You're right! If it took her so much time to write this letter, then she would have taken the pills long after that, which means it wasn't that long when we arrived and more importantly, there is now a greater hope for Tina to be saved!" Jean exclaimed, her eyes and heart filled with more hope than it had moments ago.

"Yes, that's it. You are very smart," Zed replied, staring at Jean with admiration. His face beamed, giving Jean a bright smile.

However, since Juan's name was written on the outside of the evenlope, Zed and Jean could do nothing but to wait for Juan's arrival.

Because they knew that they didn't have the right to tear open the envelope and read the letter, no matter how much they wanted to know the content of the letter. All they could do now was guess in their minds and wait for Juan.

Ten minutes later, another set of hurried steps came rushing towards their direction.

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