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   Chapter 731 Something Is Wrong With Tina

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9831

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"I admit that I am the one who should be held truly responsible for this tragedy! If I hadn't persuaded Tina to end this relationship, they wouldn't have broken up and wouldn't have been hurt so badly. I know the kind of person Tina is. She is a single-minded woman who loves Juan very much. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been taking care of Juan for the last twenty years without batting an eyelid.

And that is the reason why she said those words and that is also why she wanted to break off the engagement so badly. She is self-contemptuous. In her surety that they are not the right match for each other. She vowed to call off the engagement and give Juan the freedom he desires. How silly! Why the hell would she think that? She is the perfect companion for Juan and she knows it. Now, I don't know how to comfort that girl! I don't know what to do," Jean said all this in a single breath.

She was sighing deep inside.

Zed did not say anything for a while. Then he cast his gaze into her eyes and told her, "You're right Jean. You are responsible for all this, but only partly responsible. If it weren't for you, Tina would never have been willing to end the relationship and call off the engagement even before Juan could initiate a conversation."

"Zed... What should I do? Is there any way I can make up for what I have done?" Jean anxiously asked Zed.

"Yes, Jean... I can think of a way. But it is particularly difficult..." Zed's voice trailed off in the middle.

"What is it? No matter how hard it is, I have to at least try! I can't let them break up in this way! It's going to hurt them both." Jean was almost on the verge of tears now since she blamed herself for this incident.

"Go talk to Tina. Ask her to come back to Juan. It's a very small chance, but this is the only way. However, you can't tell Juan about this. Whatever you do, don't let him find out about your plan. Right now, it would be best if Juan didn't turn up in front of Tina, and they shouldn't see each other. Otherwise, she would get angry or desperate and make some rash decisions,"

Zed advised her with a sigh.

"Okay... That makes sense. You know what, I'll go look for Tina right now. I can't wait to see her and it's getting late now. I have a feeling that they might break up permanently if I can't get to her in time." Jean was so worried that she stood up instantly without a thought, determined to make it right that very instant.

"Jean, calm down! Don't get so over-worked. Let's have a dinner first and then go see Tina, okay?"

Zed stood up and held her hand as he tried to stop her from rushing into things.

"No. I am not waiting now. Besides, I can't really eat right now. I feel so terrible and all I can think about is reconciling between those two. I feel too guilty about breaking them up to be hungry. Zed, I know you are tired today. You should wait for me at home. I'll try to be back in a short while with at

Thinking that Tina might be alone now, she immediately called Zed on her cell phone, "Zed, please check the front desk for me. I think Tina isn't back yet. If she is back, ask the employees to open the door for me. I'm afraid that something might be wrong with Tina,"

Jean asked him in a panic. Her whole body was beginning to tremble now.

Zed got out of the car immediately after he hung up the phone. He was getting worried too now.

He rushed towards the front desk and made a brief explanation to the receptionist who, realizing the seriousness of the problem, immediately called her manager.

Very soon, a fat middle-aged man showed up who was covered with sweat. When he saw Zed, he greeted him respectfully, "Mr. Qi..."

"Okay, I am short of time. Tell me everything on the way..." Zed interrupted him. "I have inspected the surveillance video. I'm sure that Miss Tina came back at twenty past three this afternoon," the Manager told him. "It's ten to six now and my wife has been pressing the doorbell for several minutes now. Nobody has answered it at all. I'm afraid that something might be wrong with Tina," Zed replied.

He explained the whole story in a serious tone as they walked into the elevator with several security guards following them.

The manager's eyes were wide in shock now, and his face had turned completely pale. When he heard that something might be wrong with a foreign woman inside the hotel, his whole body started trembling. If something really had happened, he would be fired for sure.

There was no way his boss was going to tolerate such an incident.

All of a sudden, the whole environment had turned gray. Zed tried not to lose his calm as he rushed outside the elevator. At the end of the hall, he found a figure knocking on the door and calling out repeatedly, "Tina... Tina... Tina..."

Her voice was echoing in the empty hall and everyone who heard could feel the pain and sadness in her tone.

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