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   Chapter 729 Do You Have Feelings For Tina

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7197

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Tina's disguise was clumsy but effective. When she finally called off the engagement to Juan on her terms, it was obvious that he was really hurt by it.

Jean was surprised to see such an explosive reaction from Juan. Wasn't he anxious to cancel the engagement with Tina and hadn't he done whatever he could to achieve that?

Why did he overreact when he heard that Tina had another person in her heart?

Now that Juan asked seriously and got the answer he wished, would he stop Tina from being with that person and insist on marrying her?

"Juan…" Jean asked with concern, "Why did you overreact when you heard that Tina has another person in her heart?"

"Did I overreact? I just felt it was ridiculous," Juan said looking directly at Tina. His face was furious and indignant. "I begged you to leave me before but you just ignored my feelings and insisted on staying with me, ruining my life! Tina, if you are hoping to tie the knot with your lover, well, you can forget about it! Let me tell you straight. I will not let you two have your wishes. I will make you suffer as I have suffered."

"How did you suffer? Did you have somebody you loved and you begged Tina to let you go?" Jean asked, puzzled.

She looked at Tina and saw Tina suddenly shiver at Juan's words. She couldn't tell if it was from being scared or some other reason.

"Someone, I loved?" Juan laughed cynically. "There was already a person around me that made me suffer so much. Why would I ask for more trouble? Jean, no offence, but I think even as happy as you and Zed are, the married life is not for me. I don't like being controlled and I don't want to give up my carefree life."

"So even if you call off the engagement with Tina, you might not get married in the future, anyway?" Jean asked with shock.

"My heart shivers at the thought of women. They are horrible. I have had enough of them," Juan voiced what he thought inside. But when he turned to Tina and saw her bow her head and keep silent, he got angry suddenly. "Nevertheless, if you want to cancel our engagement just because you have another man, I will not let you have your wish. I'd rather ru

ave another man?" Juan widened his eyes and looked at Tina with disbelief and then turned to Jean. "Jean, are you joking? I saw with my own eyes that her attitude towards me had changed after she got that phone call."

"Tina, why don't you explain to Juan yourself?" Jean said, looking at Tina.

Tina looked meekly back at Jean. Although Jean gave her an encouraging smile, she didn't feel any more courageous because of it.

'Thank you, Jean.

But I have made up my mind to leave. I have given up hoping for his love. Thanks for your good will. I do appreciate it, ' Tina thought to herself.

"Sorry, Juan. Sorry, Jean," Tina said with guilt. "I lied to you. I did have another man. It is because of George that I want to leave Juan…"

After saying these words, she bid her courage and looked at Juan. "Juan, I know a man's self-esteem does not allow you to accept this to happen, but George and I love each other genuinely. He has been chasing me for three years. He has been persistent and responsible towards me. So I want to set both of us free and accept his love.

Juan, I don't care if you can accept this or not. I have to tell you anyway. Whether you are willing to help us or not, I will do it for George. I will try to convince you to let me go, to let George and I be together."

"Stop dreaming!" Juan glared at Tina. Through clenched teeth he said, "Wait until your next life if you want to be with him!"

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