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   Chapter 728 Blanket of Lies

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9478

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Tina thought about this for a moment and took her time for she had never really thought about leaving Juan until now.

If it were not for her conversation with Jean this morning, then she would never have decided to end the relationship. She had felt convinced that it was the best if she changed the humiliating condition between Juan and her and restarted everything.

Besides, she had no idea whether Juan loved her or not, because he always treated her indifferently.

Only when she came to China did she really start to reflect on this emotional entanglement with the help of Jean, as well.

'Am I being too selfish? Because maybe, just maybe, the reason why I still stay with him as his fiancee is because I depend on him too much. I saw him a knight before, someone who saved me from the darkness, so it was possible that I still try to hide behind his armor.

Then again, if I wasn't raised by his family, would he be able to love me?

No, I don't think so.

Juan is an excellent and honorable man coming from a rich and powerful background while I am just a poor girl with nothing to boast about but her abusive uncle.

We are both coming from completely different backgrounds, and the gap that is separating us too huge to stitch close, ' Tina thought, shaking her head slightly.

Although it wasn't Tina's choice that she came into Juan's life arranged by fate, Juan still hated her very much for it.

And that even though she was the only person in this world who knew him best, it seemed like he would never love her for how she just came bursting into his life.

In fact, she was never his type at all.

Because of that, Tina was determined to call the engagement off. She loved him very much to end it, so that he could be happy. She was willing to sacrifice her own happiness, just so Juan would be able to embrace his freedom and even find his true love. She decided that she would stop bothering him with the engagement any longer, for she realized that all their life, she had been a bother to him.

'But then again, if I end this engagement, it is more impossible now than ever for Juan to fall in love with me, ' Tina thought, lowering her head so as not to show the misery in her eyes.

At that very moment, she felt her despair deep inside of her as if her heart was being squeezed to the point that it finally gave in, breaking into pieces.

Tina was struggling deep inside despite her composed outside.

As for Jean, she could not tell what was going on inside of Tina, but Jean didn't expect Juan's response, making her surprised at the turn of events.

'Well, well, well, it seems like Juan takes Tina seriously even though he doesn't look like it, and it's supposed to be a good sign, but why isn't Tina looking happy and excited at all?' Jean wondered.

She felt more and more c

to observe how she would react.

Tina looked him straight into his eyes, and without hesitation, she admitted, "Yes."

Upon hearing her answer, Juan's face suddenly changed dramatically. He blinked a lot of times per second, and his face turned crimson in frustration. He looked at her with furrowed eyebrows and asked angrily, "What? Did you fall in love with someone else? Is that the reason why you want to break..."

"Yes." Tina answered out loud without waiting for Juan to finish his sentence. She looked a totally different person in front of them, and her answer before was completely different from what she had answered now.

Juan's face fell. He felt all the blood drop from his face as he felt shocked by Tina's answer, looking at her in great disbelief. To his surprise, his heart suddenly filled with intruding sadness. He wasn't able to react right away, but he also couldn't help but chuckle loudly and coldly. "Well, that's... gr-great… G-good for y-you," Juan stammered.

Jean's eyes widened in astonishment as well. She turned to Tina as if wondering if she was serious. 'What was going on with her? She denied this before, so why is she doing this now?

Does she really love another man? Did she just lie to me?' she thought with eyebrows furrowed into confusion.

Then, before Jean stepped up and asked Tina about it, she decided to observe Tina carefully. As she eyed Tina intently, her eyes widened in sudden realization. She immediately saw the Tina under that composed facade. In Tina's eyes, Jean saw melancholy and panic.

Jean also couldn't help but notice how Tina's body was trembling slightly, as if she was trying to suppress her inner emotions. Tina felt like Jean was staring at her, so she immediately lowered her head, making Jean gasp softly. Jean then concluded that Tina was hiding her true feelings and emotions over a blanket of lies.

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