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   Chapter 727 Then, Let's Get Married

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7291

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Juan was stunned by Jean's bold question. He looked confused as he turned to her.

Jean sighed deeply as she looked at him. "You haven't thought about the question, so think it over and then answer me."

"Jean, you know how I feel. You shouldn't have asked me that,"

Juan said surprised. He didn't know why she was asking him such a question.

"Sorry, but I don't know how you feel," Jean replied coldly.

"What did you say? I..." Juan felt embarrassed as he looked at Jean. He found it difficult to explain it to her in front of Tina.

"It seems that you don't know how to answer my question. Then, let me ask you this." Jean got a little angry at Juan when he was hesitant to speak. She said, "Why have you been asking her to look after you? You didn't ask her to be your girlfriend. I don't think she has the responsibility of taking care of you. Juan, you can't order Tina just because she was raised up by your family! You are not her boss."

"Jean, don't say that," Juan explained immediately once he heard Jean. "I have never thought of it like that..."

"Jean, he has never asked me to look after him. It's me. I'm happy to take care of him..."

Tina couldn't help but explain to Jean when Juan got embarrassed. She knew that Juan didn't know how to find an appropriate excuse.

"You, shut up!" Jean glared back at Tina. At that moment, Tina didn't dare to say another word. She stood quietly aside and said nothing.

Jean turned to Juan and continued, "You have never asked Tina to look after you and you don't see her as your fiancee. Then, does she have an obligation to feed you? Today, I stopped her from shelling the crabs for you. Is that the reason why you scolded her severely when I was outside? I'm telling you that Tina is not your servant and you can't treat her like that. You can't just ask her to do everything for you."

"Jean, why are you saying that? I have never regarded her as my servant!" Juan was feeling anxious from all of her allegations against him. He sat up straight and argued, "I'm sorry that I scolded her today. I shouldn't have done that to her. But I am not that kind of bad guy that you think I am. The reason why

mehow, she knew the reason why Juan was mad at Tina.

'Juan, I didn't expect you to say that.

You love Tina, but you don't know that you do. If you can't work that out by yourself, nobody can help you.

You are afraid that you will lose her. I didn't expect this.

You are a fool. What shall I do?

Okay, I have to say something. Or he will hurt Tina and break her heart, ' thought Jean.

"Juan, what did you say?" Tina gazed at him and asked in a trembling voice.

Obviously, Juan didn't know why he said that. He got stunned and looked away from her gaze. He felt embarrassed for blurting that out.

The room became silent again. The air was full of tension. Jean looked at them and then shook her head.

"Okay, both of you should calm down. You may have said that you should get married out of anger and frustration. But maybe it's your true thoughts, Juan. Think it over. Do you really object to being engaged to Tina?

And you, Tina," Jean turned to her with a big smile. "Do you really want to leave Juan?"

When Jean was finished, she winked at Tina slyly.

All of a sudden, Juan was greatly shocked. He was lost in his thoughts.

Tina gave a bitter smile. Of course, she knew what Jean meant. Jean implied that it was a good chance for them to make up.

She didn't expect Juan to agree to marry her. By rights, she should be happy to hear that. However, Tina was not excited at all. She sat there with a heavy heart.

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