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   Chapter 726 What Does She Mean To You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6196

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What Juan didn't understand was that Jean was supposed to help him.

But now, her attitude made him feel that she was on Tina's side.

If that was the case, then things were complicated.

"Jean, of course I don't need help. I can handle it by myself," Juan said smiling sheepishly. He then proceeded to pick the biggest crab and plonked it into his plate and began shelling it.

In the moments following, he embarrassed himself with his lack of knowledge and finesse in eating a crab.

He not only dismembered a fine crab into pieces, but also managed to get crab shell all over his handsome face and crab seed oil all over his fingers and yet, despite his efforts he didn't get a single bite of the crab meat.

Juan was annoyed and frustrated. In the end he gave up.

Before, he liked the delicious taste of the seafood, but he always had someone else shell it for him, and his only job was to enjoy it.

But now, he had to do it by himself. Even if he got his hands dirty, he still didn't get a bite.

He must have felt quite a fool.

Tina knew that he couldn't do it, but she just sat there watching him embarrass himself. What was she thinking?

Juan felt humiliated, but he couldn't let it out in front of Zed and Jean.

Now he understood that Zed came back especially to support Jean.

'Fine friends they turned out to be, ' thought Juan. He couldn't understand why they were all sticking up for Tina. What did she do to have all of their support?

Thinking of it, Juan felt more indignant.

This meal was a waste for him! He was only fed with anger.

Seeing that Juan felt embarrassed, Jean laughed inside.

She looked up and noticed Tina's guilt and anxiety, so she patted her on the hand to comfort her.

Tina's eyes met Jean's. Seeing Jean shake her head, Tina nodded knowingly.

Jean was helping her and helpi


Zed kissed Jean's forehead before getting the car keys and heading outside.

Jean watched Zed leave and then went back to the living room.

Tina sat in the corner with a lowering head and kept silent. She let Juan throw a tantrum at her.

Juan spoke in English, so that it was more difficult for Jean to understand what he was saying.

Seeing Juan's resentful face, Jean knew that he was cursing.

"Okay, Juan. If you are man enough, repeat what you just said to Tina in front of me,"

Jean said glaring at him with an angry face.

"Jean..." Juan was still angry, but he looked at Jean helplessly and said, "I didn't say anything. Are you going to have a nap after lunch?"

"Do you want me to go away so that you can continue venting your anger? Juan, you are such a coward! You throw your temper on a woman. Are you still man enough?"

Jean got angry and scolded him.

"Jean, I..." Juan knew if he continued to scold Tina, Jean would fight against him.

So, Juan had to shut up and sulked quietly sitting on the sofa.

When Jean saw that Juan stopped cursing but was still angry, her anger mounted.

"Juan, I am asking you. What does Tina mean to you?"

Jean sat opposite him and asked outright.

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