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   Chapter 725 Regret

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9682

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"I'm home. I asked Zelda to prepare a delicious meal. Will you be back by lunch time?"

Jean was eagerly expecting a positive reply.

"Back by lunch time?" Zed was a little confused, especially thinking of the piles of documents on his table. He hesitated.

"Juan and Tina have come to our home too. It will be pleasant and fun. And probably, there will be a surprise. Come back for lunch, please. Moreover, you're not used to the outside food." Jean tried persuading on the phone.

"Ok, as you wish. I shall try my level best to return by lunch time." Zed agreed without hesitation. He hadn't gotten used to denying Jean's requests.

Having confirmed Zed's opinion, Jean headed to the kitchen and asked Zelda who was busy in there, "Zelda, do we have any seafood at home, such as crayfish, crabs or fish?"

"Of course, we do. Would you like some, Mrs. Jean? But haven't you been asked to stay away from seafood?" Zelda asked Jean out of concern.

"I know. I've learnt my lesson yesterday regarding that. I definitely don't wish to make the same mistake ever again. This is how the situation is like. Our two guests are fond of seafood. Hence, I want you to cook fish, crayfish or crabs. Moreover, since Zed will be home for lunch, so you may have to cook for three instead of two. As for me, some vegetables will do fine,"

Jean explained.

"I get it, Mrs. Jean. I'll start right away." Zelda immediately got herself beside the refrigerator, pulled out some frozen fish and began cleaning it.

Jean picked up a fruit dish and walked off to the living room. A profound smirk crossed her face.

Unsurprisingly, when she returned to the living room, she found that Tina and Juan still sat in the exact same position as they had, the moment she left.

They sat as if they were mere strangers.

Jean smiled at the hostile scene before her, and settled next to Tina. "Come on, Tina, let's dig into this delicious fruit dish."

Tina was relieved when she saw Jean. "Jean, which one of these appeals to you? Let me peel one for you..."

"Dear Tina..." Jean seized the opportunity and said. "It's my house, and you are my guest. I'm duty-bound to serve you but the vice versa doesn't seem right."

"But you have just recovered and gotten yourself discharged from the hospital. I do not feel anything so wrong about me peeling a fruit skin for you."

Tina justified herself.

"Just follow Jean. Don't argue with her,"

Juan scolded Tina before Jean could reply.

Tina's face turned white out of embarrassment as soon as Juan spoke out.

Turning to Jean uneasily, she was about to try ameliorating the situation but Jean interrupted quickly.

"Juan, you're overreacting. Do you have a belief that I'm an ungrateful person? Tina is trying to take care of me. Don't be so rude on her. Tina, listen to me. You're a fabulous girl who should be served, rather than being ind

ed her gaze. She naturally picked up a crab, which was Juan's favorite with her chopsticks.

Juan smiled for the sake of it when he saw Tina's reaction.

But Jean also had her eyes on these two. She disagreed with Tina's behavior. She found it disgraceful to comment directly on the issue. "Tina, I didn't know you had begun eating crabs too. That's wonderful. Do you know that crabs are good for women's skin? So you may as well feast on how many ever you can. It will beautify your skin. When the winter approaches, there will be more grease in crabs. If you're still in China then, will you come to my home and join me to eat crabs? I'm so looking forward to it." Jean's tone was full of sincerity loaded with sarcasm.

"I..." Tina was out of words. She was dying to tell Jean that the crab was aimed at Juan. But thinking of Jean's words that she should treat herself well, Tina hesitated. She neither wished to irritate Juan in his happy mood, nor disappoint Jean.

"Juan, if memory serves me right, I think you also like crabs. Go ahead, try them. They are delicious." Seeing Tina in an difficult position altogether, Jean turned to Juan. She didn't intend to annoy Tina but she badly wished to make Juan realize Tina's importance in his life. "Are you expecting Tina to shell the crabs for you? Come on, Juan, how old do you think you're? As a healthy adult, don't you feel ashamed of waiting for someone else to serve you according to your wish? Don't depend on Tina. She is neither servant, nor is it her job to feed you. Do it by yourself."

Juan was humiliated. He felt embarrassed by the deep pricking words from Jean. He was clueless about how to proceed.

It suddenly dawned on him why Jean insisted on deciding Tina's seating.

He also realized why Jean spoke in a mysterious manner during the 'fruit dish fiasco'.

The sumptuous meal was nothing but an intricate trap for him. Could he be more naive?

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