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   Chapter 724 Jean, Don't Think Too Much

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 13319

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"Jean, please do not over think this matter. No matter what comes up, I have made my decision and it's there to stand." Tina shook her head firmly as she knew there was nothing more to say right now. "You just asked me to let go of everything and love no one but myself. And that's what I need to do right now. I need to turn that advice into an act instead of it sitting like a casual remark. And believe me, I am not going to regret anything no matter what comes my way. I have tried and that was the whole point of it all.

You know, Jean... If things end up staying this way, which they sure look like they will, then it is clear to me that Juan will marry me under pressure from his family. But I also know that if such a thing happens, then there's no way that he's going to be happy. We can never be happy if such a thing happens. So Jean, I think what you've suggested is the best strategy for now. I really appreciate everything you've done and tried to get done and I can see that Juan truly has found himself a good friend. If what we have planned passes into success, then we both will be the happiest persons on the planet; and if it doesn't... Well... At least my dear Juan will be free then..."

The way Tina finished her sentence clearly indicated that no one could step in her way now.

Jean gazed at her softly, and forced a smile on her own face. "Tina, I really don't know what to say now. What I was trying to tell you is that you need to make all possible efforts whenever and wherever you can. But I...I don't know if that is going to help you, or, destroy you..."

"Jean I know what you're concerned about... I really do. But you've already made so much efforts just for us until now and I cannot thank you enough for the same. And I believe that Juan would feel the same if he were to be in my position. So you don't have to blame yourself or even try to talk me out of it. You've already done so much for us now and there's no need to do more. What's done is done. And there's no way that someone's going to change my mind now." Tina insisted with a trembling voice and with an unusual, determined shine in her eyes.

Jean's heart was sinking on the thought but when she heard what Tina was saying, she could do nothing but comply with her wishes. 'If she has made up her mind, then all we can do is wait and see what happens. Oh Tina...' Jean thought to herself.

'Perhaps she's right!' She took a deep breath and sighed. Right now, it was crystal clear to both of them that this might be the only chance for Tina to break the ice with Juan and stop the cold war that had threatened them for 20 years.

'Tina is a smart girl. I am sure that it won't be hard for her to decide which path to choose that will bring her the best out of the situation.' Jean gazed at Tina and thought to herself.

"Tina I can't be any surer than I am right now that you will find your dreams come true. I can only wish you the happiest possible life!"

Jean prayed that the plan would work because she really couldn't hold herself responsible for Tina's situation.

"Jean, thanks. They will. And I will be happy. I promise!" Tina giggled when she finally had poured her heart out to Jean. Jean sat there quietly, looking at Tina and her face, which was full of hope and delight, like the brightest star in the night sky.

Just then, Juan threw the door open and walked inside slowly.

He started walking towards Jean, but his eyes darkened when he saw that Tina was there as well. He frowned spontaneously and asked her with displeasure, "What are you doing here?"

"I came here to visit Jean." Even though Juan's question was a clear way of saying "Get the hell out of here", she replied with a smile. The least she cared about right now was Juan's impatience with her. Right now, she was more concerned about changing the way things stood between them.

Juan cast a cold glance at Tina and made no response to her answer. He then shifted his eyes towards Jean,

e didn't like it either.

However, Chinese food had always kept her and Juan together. Since a lot of Chinese foods had bones and shells in it, it gave her the perfect chance to portray her love and care for Juan.

Normally, Juan resented Tina deeply. However, when it came to food, Juan loved fish and craps but hated having to remove their bones or shells himself. This was the time when Tina's role kicked in. She would help him in picking out the small bones and opening the shells. She could handle all the dirty and intricate work so that Juan could enjoy his favorite meals in peace without choking on a nasty fishbone.

Apparently, Jean was signalling her through that remark to stop serving Juan like a servant. She clearly did not like her doing everything that the "Almighty" Juan ordered her to. Tina took a deep breath and her pupils dilated.

'Of course Jean would try to stop me. She has never felt the same way I do since Zed has always loved her so much. He won't get her fingers dirty for anything in the world, let alone ordering her to peel some shrimps for him.

But this is about me, isn't it?

Juan is blind no matter what I do or how strong my passion and love for him is! I can't wake a person up when he is clearly not asleep at all!' Tina shook her head and her face was covered with clouds of doubt.

Seeing their two frozen faces, Jean's mind started racing and soon came up with an idea. She beamed at the two awkward faces which were trying to avoid each other and broke the silence. "Why don't you guys sit tight, and I will go find some fruits."

"Jean, you don't have to! You know what, you should let me do it instead. You've just come out of the hospital and you need to rest. Otherwise, Zed is going to kill both of us!" Tina stood up abruptly and stopped Jean. 'Oh my god Jean, don't leave us alone!' Tina couldn't bear the thought about her staying alone with Juan. At least not for now.

"Tina, stay please. Give me one second." Jean softly declined her offer, then she turned around and walked away.

After Jean had turned around the corner of the hall way, she picked up her phone and dialed Zed's number.

While she was pressing the last digit on her phone, Zed had just walked out of the conference room after a long and tiring meeting. He had rushed to the office this morning without having breakfast, so he was not feeling too well after enduring his hunger for such a long while.

As he was about to ask his secretary to prepare some food, Jean's call came in suddenly.

"Oh, Jean. My dear, how do you feel? Are you home now?" Zed quickly picked up the call and his mind started racing.

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