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   Chapter 723 He Has You In His Heart

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7025

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'Maybe it's because she lost her home and her family, that she treats Juan as a family member. Since she was a mere child, where Juan was, was also her home.'

Jean sighed in her heart. Who would have thought that Tina had such a sad life?

Her life blossomed because of Juan, but would her life become dark if Juan left her?

"Tina," said Jean, trying to comfort her. "Everyone is an independent individual, you shouldn't put all your hope in the one person, that could be bad for both parties. To be honest, you are such an amazing person. You should treat yourself better and cherish yourself, all right?"

"Jean, are you saying that Juan and I don't have a future together,"

asked Tina with a bitter smile.

"No, I was just comforting you. Zed and I love each and have our baby, but I never think that I couldn't live without Zed. Yes, I was weak and useless in the past but now I am learning to be strong and independent. The reason why I comfort you is that I want you to lead a good life and stop hurting yourself because of Juan.

You love Juan and want to marry him, I understand that. Everyone is entitled to have their own dreams. But first of all, you need to learn to be self-reliant and independent, so you can fight for your relationship and your marriage with your own advantages and merits. This is the most honorable thing that you should do,"

said Jean, trying to talk some sense into her.

Jean wondered if Tina understood any of the advice that she was trying to give her.

That was all that she could say and do.

Jean noticed that Tina was quiet and deep in thought.

She knew that Tina had taken in her advice.

But she didn't know if it helped in a positive way.

For Tina, happiness was only with Juan in her life.

Could she really learn to love herself first and let go of Juan?

Jean couldn't tell for sure, but she was pleased that Tina was at least thinking about it.

"Jean, I know what you mean," said Tina finally raising her head to look at Jean. She had a bright smile on her face and said, "You are telling me that I should fight f

ht look like a playboy but when it comes to a commitment, he is very squeamish. He is not the kind of man who would easily fall for any woman."

"Then what happened after that? Has he tried any other time?" asked Jean, frowning.

"No, after those two times, he decided to just ignore me, because his words weren't working on me," said Tina bitterly, with sorrow written all over her face.

Jean let out a sigh and then smiled. "I thought Juan would have tried something more impressive, but it looks like he isn't as good as I thought. But you should be vigilant. No matter what Juan says, you just hold on to what you believe and in this way, all that he says will be in vain."

"Jean, didn't you just tell me to start again with Juan? Why don't I take this opportunity to break the engagement off with him and then we can start from the beginning,"

suggested Tina.

Jean was excited about Tina's suggestion but also worried. "Though it is a good idea, there is still a risk in it. He will be happy if you break up with him and think that his plan had worked. He will then let his guard down against you, which could be beneficial for you in the future.

But on the other hand, if you fail you could risk losing Juan forever. I think it is obvious that is not what you and I want to see happen. So, Tina, I think it is best for you to think it through before you make any decisions."

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