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   Chapter 722 So Wrong

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 13012

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Jean couldn't help but think about Tina with Juan. Although Tina was younger than Juan, in reality, she looked more mature and stood looking much more respectable than Juan.

It was most probably because she had been trained to be like so ever since she was just a child, and it did give out a positive feedback on her part.

As a result, Jean felt much safer when she was with Tina even though she was a woman compared to Juan, who even joined the army before.

Jean's train of thought was interrupted by a sudden polite knock on the door.

Jean wondered, 'Whoever by the door is definitely not Juan.'

She was confident with her thought and knew it had to be someone else by the door, because if it was Juan, then he would have knocked on the door impatiently or worse, open the door without knocking like he did before.

Besides, Juan just left for the doctor moments ago, and there was no reason for him to return so quickly, unless, of course, he left something here, but still.

'Then, if not Juan, who is it?' Jean thought and wondered about her other friends that had not visited her yet, who probably by now heard the news of her hospitalization.

Jean cleared her throat and in a high voice, she called, "Come in, please!"

The door opened seconds after and in was Tina, standing by the door with a big smile for Jean.

Jean was pleasantly surprised to see her and asked, "Oh Tina, why are you here?" Noticing that Tina stayed standing by door, Jean waved at her with open arms. "Please, allow yourself in!"

'Wow, what a coincidence! I was thinking about her just now and then she appears in front of me.

Anyway, since Juan just left, this is a good chance to have a nice conversation with just Tina, ' Jean thought, curious about why Tina visited by herself.

Tina gave another bright smile as she walked towards Jean. She pulled a chair and placed it beside the bed where it was more convenient for them to talk. As soon as she was comfortable sitting on the chair, she looked at Jean and said, "I decided to visit you, since I'm free in the morning. Well anyway, how are you doing? Are you feeling better?" Tina asked with sincere concern on her eyes.

"Oh, I can't be any better. Thank you for asking. Honestly, I would have been discharged already if it were not because of the baby and necessary precautions have to be taken after you know, what happened." Jean paused and smiled at her. When Tina just smiled at her back, Jean spoke again, "Anyway, enough about me. You're here early! What a surprise. Do you have an appointment with Juan in the hospital?"

Tina was stunned by Jean's question and asked, "Wait, Juan is here?" By the look of her face, it was obvious that she had no idea that Juan was in the hospital as well.

Jean's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as soon as she realized that Tina didn't know about Juan being here.

'Are you serious? You really don't have any idea that Juan is here? If that's the case, what are you doing here?' Jean thought.

Her face started to flush red with embarrassment.

Moreover, Tina was Juan's fiancee, and that Jean only met her yesterday, so they were not familiar with each other at all. Weren't they supposed to know each other's whereabouts? Then again, Juan wanted to call the engagement off, so who knew?

Jean thought for a moment and wondered about what could be the reason Tina visited her alone and at this early time of the day.

She then looked at Tina and realized that she, too, was lost in thought. To remove them from this awkward silence, Jean cleared her throat and smiled at Tina before asking her, "Well, did you eat breakfast? I haven't eaten yet, and it was Juan, who brought these food. We can eat together." Jean offered as she set up the dishes on her overbed table.

"Oh no, thank you, Jean. I already had my breakfast before going here," Tina refused with a reassu

who I truly am, and because of that, I have been doing everything I could to be worthy of Juan. I want to help him, support him in every way, and be there for him.

As a matter of fact, I have never really expected him to marry me, because I know how much he hates me. You know, there are times when I'm all alone with my thoughts, and I ask myself that if we were common people, passers-by without any significant identity, then maybe he would treat me differently. I also thought that if we were not engaged, he might change the way he feels about me or even just lessen his hatred for me. Even with these thoughts, I can't really afford to turn back and regret. I chose this, and I have to finish what I started no matter how hard it is."

"So correct me if I'm wrong, but you've decided that even though Juan is against this engagement, you will follow through the arrangment and marry Juan?" Jean asked with an eyebrow raised.

Tina nodded and said, "Yes. To be honest and it may sound cheesy, but the first time I saw Juan, I knew he is the one. You might think that it's unbelievable, isn't it? I mean, I was only five years old the first time I met him. But at that moment, Juan stood before me like a prince even a knight. He was the light at the end of a tunnel. He pulled me out of my dark life and gave it color, vibrance that I really couldn't forget.

It was a breakthrough for me, because you see, I'm an orphan. That's why they picked me. Before them, I was raised by my abusive uncle with his bitch of a wife. He never really touched me, but he tortured me in ways that a five year old shouldn't have experienced. They had beaten me, slaved me, and most of the time, they didn't give me enough food. They even made me watch them eat a sumptuous meal once. I was always hungry. That's why, when Juan's family found me and brought me in, I felt really thankful and blessed to have been pulled away from that condition. Since I felt like I owe them very much for taking me and saving me, they knew I will be obedient and follow their instructions, and so when I received their training, I worked very hard to become qualified. I felt like it was the only way I could pay them back for all the good things they had done and given to me."

Tina finished and looked back out of the window, watching the sun rise up higher on the sky. As for Jean, she was greatly shocked by this revelation. She thought that Tina came from a rich and powerful family judging by how she carried herself and how gorgeous and excellent she was.

Now, she realized that she was wrong - so wrong!

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