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   Chapter 721 Cover Up

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 9128

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'Oh Juan! How naive are you? The more you seek to prove yourself, the more you are covering up yourself, ' Zed thought the same way as Jean.

He didn't have the heart to see Jean care for the relationship between Tina and Juan. It killed him to see her so invested in sorting things between them at the cost of her time and energy. So he finally decided to say what he'd been meaning to tell her for a long time now. "Okay, Jean. Juan has already made the decision, so let's stop here. Juan, it's getting pretty late. You'd better go home and rest."

The longer Juan stayed, the more his courage diminished to face Jean.

Especially with her looking so mysterious with her bright eyes and beaming smile. How could she still be so nice to him after all this time?

He was almost grateful when Zed suggested his leave.

He nodded at them both and smiled forcefully. "Okay, guys. I'm gonna go now. See you tomorrow. I'll get you some breakfast, Jean."

Zed nodded slightly, without meeting his eyes. "Sounds good. See you tomorrow. Good night." "Night." Juan slipped away, walking away as fast as he could, trying not to appear too desperate. It was the kind of hurry an adolescent boy would make to see his beloved.

All the time he was hoping to escape before Jean could ask him any questions.

Thank god for Zed!

In the interval of an hour, Juan had appeared and left.

And yet, that proved enough to transform the atmosphere completely. The energy in the room would have been in some dark zone of the spectrum, if there was a spectrum of human energy or the environments that surrounded them.

Soon after he left, Jean said, "Do you think there's a chance that Juan actually likes Tina? She's been with him for years. It's possible he just bluntly discards her importance in his life."

Jean threw her hands up in the air, shaking her head, then looked at Zed, thoughtfully.

Zed sighed, putting his palm across his cheek. He was shocked she wouldn't put her mind to rest even in a hospital ward.

An hour ago, they were talking about the relationship between Moore and Avery and now they were talking about Juan and Tina's. This was beyond Zed.

First, he was not a relationship expert. Moreover, he was really exhausted and sleepy after a long day's work.

"I guess so," he said, almost yawning. He slouched further into the bed, now lying down completely, holding Jean's hand.

Jean stared at the ceiling, not even blinking. She was so immersed in her thoughts that she didn't notice how tired Zed was.

She was expecting a reply from him but on not hearing anything she went on, eyes still stuck to the space above her head. "Don't you agree? I feel like it's pretty plausible. I d

ir was a little stale here but she still tried to make the most of it, inhaling deeply. Soon after that, she was startled by a knock on the door. She figured it was Juan. "Get in here!" she said.

Juan appeared, holding a tetra pack of soy milk, and two food boxes in his hands. "Hello there!" she said, cheerfully. Then, she noticed the sweat on his forehead.

"Hey! What happened? Why do you look so exhausted? Tell me the truth. What terrible things have you been up to, hmm?" she joked.

"Jean, come on! Don't be so unjust to me!" he said, misreading her comment. Jean opened her mouth to say she was joking but Juan went on, explaining. "Zed told me you like sesame seed cakes and deep fried dough sticks, so I waited in line for half an hour to get them for you. And the soy milk is still warm. Please, drink it," Juan said, feeling like all his efforts were all for naught.

He walked towards the bed and handed the milk to her, putting the rest of it on the bedside table.

Jean flashed a genuine smile at him and said, "I was joking earlier. I really appreciate it, Juan. Thank you."

"My pleasure." Juan smiled back, feeling better. "Also, Zed told me to consult the doctor about your situation. You have your breakfast, I'm just gonna go talk to them and come back soon."

"Yes," she said, reaching for the cake.

As she saw how Juan rushed out of the ward in a hurry, she sighed inwardly.

The first time she saw him, she didn't think he acted much like a stable CEO at all.

With time, she hadn't changed her impression of him but instead, it was becoming stronger and stronger.

It was until Jean met Tina that she finally understood why Juan, who didn't act like a calm CEO, could be so successful in business. It was Tina who was the composed one that supported him all the time.

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