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   Chapter 720 A Tough Decision

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Jean sighed at Zed's remark. She placed her spoon down and looked at him. "Oh baby, you always tell me that I worry about everything, and yet, here you are saying those things. It looks like you are no better than me. You always tell me to relax, so relax, Zed! Besides, the doctor will arrive soon, and I will have the care I need. Plus, I have Moore's notes, and I will make sure to read them and keep them in mind, so don't worry too much. I can look after myself as well,"

Jean said and gave Zed a bright and reassuring smile.

Looking at Jean, Zed nodded and smiled back still feeling reluctant about Jean's safety.

"Doctor? Which doctor?" Juan asked curiously, who didn't even look at them, and continued to focus on his food.

"Oh right, I forgot to tell you about it," Zed said and turned his gaze to Juan. "You see, after the incident, we realized that we actually don't know what kind of food pregnant women should avoid, so I called Antony and asked him to search and send for a doctor he could trust. The doctor will then look after Jean until our baby is born. Besides, I trust Antony's judgment."

Juan frowned, and his expression changed immediately. He stopped eating and turned to Zed with a serious face. "Antony? You called Antony? Did you tell him I was here?" he asked anxiously.

"Of course, you started the trouble. I believe that he deserved to know that," Zed replied with a serious nod.

Juan's face immediately turned pale as if all the blood drained from it. "Oh, shit. I'm doomed!" he cried out loud.

Jean tilted her head in curiosity as she watched Juan's reaction after hearing that Antony knew of his whereabouts.

It seemed like Juan was not only intimidated and afraid of Zed, but also of this Antony with intense emotion.

'What's going on?' Jean wondered and turned to eye Zed.

She hoped that Zed would answer her question for her.

Noticing Jean's expression, Zed understood Jean at once and smiled at her. "Well, you see, Antony is the genius of medicine. He is a real expert on his field, but he is also a freak. To be honest, freak is still an understatement. It's like, genius and lunatic are the two sides of his coin. So back when we were still serving at the troop, we would always see Antony indulge in his experiments. He dissected different kinds of animals, and sometimes, if he wanted to have some more fun, he did his experiments on human cadavers.

Then again, all people had their own quirks. Antony's little quirk was that he was bold when doing his experiments, but in real life, he was the exact opposite. He wouldn't say boo to a goose. Anyway, so Antony talked little to us, but to Juan, he was completely different. Antony talked to Juan a lot. In fact, they were very good friends..."

"That's completely nonsen

tion to test Juan of how much he hated getting married with Tina, but seeing Juan's reaction now was beyond her own expectations.

At that moment, Jean knew what she had to do next.

Meanwhile, Zed glanced at Jean, whose bright eyes were shining intently at Juan. She looked at him like a lion staring at its prey, waiting to pounce.

Just by looking at Jean, he knew what was going on in her mind.

He wanted to stop Jean from her plan, but realized that he couldn't do anything as he saw how much Jean's pale and sickly face instantly returned its color because of the excitement.

If he tried to stop Jean, all he could ever gain from it was Jean's temper.

"I have made a decision," Juan finally spoke. Looking at Jean determinedly, he declared, "I choose to meet Antony."

Instead of feeling disappointed, Jean gave Juan a huge smile.

'You're too late, Juan. The time is already up. Whatever your answer is, it's too late.

I already knew the answer deep in your heart during that one and a half minutes you spent to consider your choices, ' Jean thought, keeping her gaze at Juan.

On the other hand, Juan felt uneasy and wondered why Jean was smiling at him like that.

There were so many possible meanings behind that smile of hers that he couldn't understand which was which.

However, the smile looked more like she didn't believe in his answer.

Juan sighed and repeated his answer in order to show his determination. "I meant what I said, Jean.

I had weighed my options and made up my mind. I would rather face Antony's scalpel than lose my freedom."

Jean scoffed and shook her head. "I don't care if you meant it or not. The answer lies clearly deep in your heart, and I can feel it no matter how much you deny it," she said and gave Juan her smile again.

'The more you try to hide, the more you are exposed, Juan.'

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