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   Chapter 719 Don't Get Me Wrong

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Hearing the alarmed voice, Jean immediately sat up and left Zed's embrace, feeling her cheeks blush in embarrassment as if they were caught doing something more. She came back to her senses and turned towards the door.

On the other hand, as soon as Zed saw the person standing by the door, his face instantly darkened, and his eyes shot flaming arrows towards him.

He glared at Juan with the piece of white gauze still plastered on his nose, standing by the door ridiculously and holding two heavy bags.

As soon as he saw Zed's eyes piercing at him, Juan turned pale and felt more remorseful for disturbing them.

Deep inside, he always wanted to make up for his mistake and start to behave and act well in front of Zed, so that he would be able to replace the terrible image of him in Zed's eyes and hoped as well that his good intentions would ease Zed's anger.

However, he failed everytime he tried.

To his defense, Juan's hands were occupied by the bags, so seeing the door unlocked, he pushed it without hesitation.

When the door opened, he was immediately surprised by the sight of Zed and Jean embracing on the bed.

Now, because of that, it seemed that it would be more difficult for Zed to ever forgive him.

Juan's face turned into a sad frown, daring to look at anywhere but Zed's eyes.

A while later, Zed felt himself calm down and as he saw Juan's pitiful sight, he heaved a deep sigh under his breath.

Besides, he was aware that Juan came to deliver dinner to them as the smell of food coming out from the Shannon Moon bags Juan was holding wafted throughout the room.

His timing was just wrong.

Hours ago, Zed had already meant to forgive Juan as his heart softened a bit, but because of this move, he felt his anger rise up again, but with Jean in front of him, he didn't dare let this anger out and suppressed it, even though he really wanted to vent again.

Plus, it was his fault why Juan's nose was swelling like a bun and looked terrible with the gauze on. Zed felt a little bit bad about that.

His anger then faded completely as he got a scent of the delicious food once more.

Zed heaved out a deep sigh and said to Juan, "Come in."

Hearing that, Juan finally faced Zed once more in surprise, not believing his own ears.

Zed felt annoyed as Juan just stood frozen there by the door and yelled, "What are you still standing there for? I said, come in, and close the door behind you."

This time, Juan heard it loud and clear now. Still surprised, he closed the door behind him and walked towards them with a delighted look on his face. He set the food on the table and

angry. Althouth I haven't seen it in person, I could imagine just by your nose."

"Oh yes! To be honest, I can't stand Zed's temper for one more time," Juan said before turning to Zed. "So even though you are still angry at me, can you please just forgive this time around, okay?"

He implored, taking the opportunity to be casual towards Zed again.

Zed swallowed the food he was chewing and stared at Juan with a blank face. After a moment, he let out a deep breath and said, "Juan, I know I overreacted, and what I did was too impulsive and rash. It was my fault that you have an injured nose. I shouldn't have hit you, and I shouldn't have taken it all out on you."

Juan's eyes widened once more. Zed's actions and words just kept surprising him more and more. He looked horrified as soon as Zed stopped speaking, so he replied while waving his hands, "Oh no, no, no, no. I understand that you have every right to be angry. It was my fault. I wasn't able to take good care of Jean. It was all me..."

Zed's eyebrows furrowed into a frown as Juan kept interrupting him, so before Juan could finish his sentence, he interrupted and asked, "Juan, stop. Please, let me finish, okay?"

Juan immediately stopped talking, keeping his mouth shut by placing food in with his chopsticks.

Zed sighed at how meticulous and considerate Juan was being and said, "Therefore, I apologize for how I behaved, but please, be extra careful next time, especially with Jean..."

"Oh, Zed, you don't have to worry! I promise that something like this won't ever happen again."

Juan gave Zed a smile and felt excited after hearing that Zed still wanted him to take care of Jean despite what happened today. He made sure of that by promising with his life.

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