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   Chapter 718 Don't Worry About Them

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Hearing Jean starting to apologize, Avery immediately shook her head and cut her off. "Jean, please don't say that. All we want is for you to be happy and safe, and that your baby could be born healthy as well. Moore and I will be really glad to see that time come and be there with your side when the baby arrives."

Avery then gave Jean a reassuring smile.

Moore gave Avery a weak smile and agreed with her. "That's true, so focus on your well-being, and don't worry too much about anything else."

This time, Zed moved closer to Jean, making Jean look at him with worry eyes. He gave her a smile and gently caressed her hair. "You heard that, Jean? You should have a good rest, and don't stress yourself too much. All of your friends care about you, and they all want you to have a good rest."

Jean sighed and nodded. She couldn't find the right words to reply to all their sentiments. Deep inside, she felt extremely warm and moved by all of them. She knew that they really cared about her and were more worried about her now that she was in a weak state.

In the end, Jean couldn't find an excuse to go against them and felt it would be much easier for everyone if she obeyed them to have a good rest.

Seeing Jean agreeing like this, Zed couldn't help but feel much relieved for he was the one worried about her the most.

After that exchange, Moore and Avery stayed a little while longer and had a short conversation with Jean while Zed bought snacks and refreshments for them to enjoy. Not long after, Jean had asked them to go back home, making them hesitate to leave.

As Jean watched the two of them walk out of the room, she smiled and believed that they still needed more time alone together. Seeing them like that made her believe that there was a chance their mutual understanding would be enhanced and soon both of them would be in love with each other. That was why she rushed them out, so that they needn't waste any of their precious time here with her.

'There's no reason for them to stay here much longer. Besides, I'm fine now, and they should really be getting home.

Moore will be going to work already next week, so they need all the time they have now to spend with each other. They need to fall in love!' Jean thought with a sigh.

As Moore and Avery glanced back at them one last time, they understood why Jean made them leave, but they said nothing about it and sighed under their breaths instead. Besides, they didn't want to worry Jean more by showing their true emotions.

As the door closed behind them, Zed and Jean were once more left in the room.

Zed took this as his chance to return to his position right beside Jean. He stretched his arm out on the pillow and made Jean lie on his chest. As they were already positioned comfortably, he said, "Jean, you were too obvious you know. They know about your intention no matter how hard you try. But you see, they're together now, so you needn't worry about them."

Zed had felt the embarrassing atmosphere in the room just moments ago. It was clear that Jean was trying to create opportunities for Avery and Moore to be alone together. Everyone in the room could see and feel that. Even Zed felt a little awkward when he heard Jean.

'Oh honey, they are adults. You don't have to instruct them what to do. Besides, I'm sure they have their own plans and ideas, ' Zed thought.

Jean glanced up at Zed and looked at him with a frown. "No, you're wrong, Zed. Moore is naive and dull. Without my instructions, he wouldn't know what to do. He is not good at chasing after girls, okay? Besides, I really want them to get married as soon as possible."

Hearing this, Zed was stunned. His eyes opened wide and mouth agape, not believing his ears. "Really? Get married? Are you serious? They have just been together for a few days! They haven't even been together for a month!" exclaimed Zed in disbelief.

Jean heaved a deep sigh before replying, "I'm not kidding. I mean, look at us! We're already happily married, and we're even expecting a

if you look at it that way, it seems like for him, Avery is not as important as a friend. I feel really bad for Avery, too. She will be heartbroken and devastated if she thinks about it this way."

Zed shook his head slightly and sighed. 'Yes, you are right, Jean.

For Moore, you are more important than Avery in his heart.

Why can't you see it? That to him, you are not just a friend. Moore has a deep crush on you, too.

However, what can I do? I know you won't believe me if I tell you that he loves you. It's easier to deny than accept the fact.

And, don't worry. I can't tell you about that, honey.

I don't want to see you more hurt and worried. This information would just stress you out more, especially then that you are also deeply attached to Avery.

It's best if you keep believing that Moore sees you as a friend, but I hope that you will stop forcing Moore to fall for Avery.

It will only hurt him more if you continue doing so.

He has already wronged himself so much, and the thought that he couldn't have you is already bad enough. I feel pity for him too, ' Zed thought, making sure that he kept all these only to himself.

Zed returned his attention to Jean and caressed her head gently. He wanted to comfort Jean for she felt guilty. Making her feel worse was the least thing he could afford to do. "Oh baby, please don't be too hard and blame it on yourself. As a matter of fact, Moore is an adult and is capable of making his own decisions. We should just trust that he knows what he is doing, so you need not worry about him."

"Zed, I can't help but feel really terrible, and I also feel pity for Avery. I also can't shake off this ominous presentiment that Moore and Avery will break up soon, because Moore is just definitely pretending to love Avery. They won't work out. That's why I work so hard to make efforts and create opportunities for them, so they can spend more time together, making Moore realize that he is already falling in love with her..."

Tears filled her eyes as she said this to Zed, making Zed sigh with worry. He knew that Jean was really intent to have Moore and Avery get their own happy ending.

Zed embraced her tightly enough, holding her into his arms while massaging her back in an attempt to comfort. "Silly, stop blaming it all on yourself." He paused to heave a deep sigh and continued. "From the moment Moore decided to ask Avery out, it has been already both their business now and not yours anymore. So please, stop worrying so much about them."

All of a sudden, before Zed and Jean could react, the door opened and a panicking voice filled the room.

"I apologize for disturbing you. I'm really sorry..."

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