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   Chapter 717 Different Circumstances

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A series of accidents and unfortunate events had already happened between Zed and Jean.

If Zed arranged a local doctor for Jean, then he would feel more worried and would not feel reassured whether or not the doctor was really good. Moreover, he might have to worry that the doctor might attempt to do something harmful to their baby.

Besides, Zed was very successful in his career, and he had offended a lot of people in order to reach this high status.

He would never know that there might be enemies who were plotting revenge against him and would do anything to get back at him. Therefore, he must be very cautious about everything because Jean and their baby were the most important people in his life, and that he was willing to give up everything just for their own safety.

As for Jean, if it were a few months ago, she would have called Zed paranoid and too fussy, and that there was no need to be overcautious, but now things were different. They already had a baby, so before anything else, they both had to make sure of the safety of their baby first. Jean had no other choice but to be as cautious as Zed. It wasn't just her life at stake anymore.

After a moment of thought, Jean looked at Zed and smiled at him. She nodded and said, "Okay, I understand. I will take your advice and cooperate. Besides, I trust you."

Hearing this coming from Jean, Zed let out a sigh of relief, and a smile crept on his face.

He decided to look for a personal doctor for Jean, who could be of care at most 24/7, so he had no choice but to tell Antony that he had already married Jean, and that they were going to have a baby.

However, just to be extra precautious, he had repeatedly warned Antony not to tell their other friends about his marriage with Jean. Zed knew that Antony was trustworthy, but he couldn't help but make sure of their circumstances.

Besides, Antony wasn't the type of person to meddle in other people's personal affairs, nor did he the type to tell others about his own personal affairs, and that was the reason why Zed chose Antony for help.

Antony was the type of man that cared about helping and doing things for others, but he didn't care too much and never asked too many questions about their private affairs.

To put it simply, Antony was the exact opposite of Juan.

The thought of Juan made Zed feel upset and uneasy once more.

He got mad at Juan today, because Jean ate something she shouldn't have while dining with Juan and then she was suddenly sent to the hospital. Zed immediately assumed that Juan was to be blamed for all this, so he took out his anger on him. He knew that his attitude towards Juan would have made Juan feel really down, so now he finally realized that he shouldn't have acted rashly and impulsively at Juan, because Juan wasn't really the one to blame.

That's why he called Antony and asked him instead to arrange a personal but reliable doctor for Jean so that such accidents would be avoided in the future.

With this arrangement, Zed and Jean would feel more assured and guaranteed about the safety of their baby.

Speaking of Juan, Zed made a mental note that he should also give him some necessary warnings. After all, Jean was carrying another life in her womb, so she needed extra protection and care. Any potential risk should be mitigated and avoided immediately.

Zed's train of thoughts were interrupted by a quick knock on the door.

He turned to look at Jean to see if she was expecting someone, but both of them reflected a puzzled look. He then stood up and went to open the door.

As soon as he opened the door, Moore and Avery greeted him. A surprised expression showed on Zed's face.

"Oh, hey, what are you two doing here?"

Zed asked with astonishment.

"Well, you see, I finished the advertisement shooting today, and so we wanted to ask you

On the other hand, Zed remained calm and just stared back at Moore without any expression on his face. He knew that Moore was not happy with his decision, but he didn't expect that he would be straight up honest about it now.

At this point, Moore felt all eyes stare at him. He knew that his words would upset Avery, so he looked at Avery. With a bitter smile on his face, he explained, "Avery, I hope that you can understand my decision. I already promised Zed that I would start working next week, so I can't just break my promise because you needed me to accompany you. You know that Jean is pregnant now. That's why she needs Zed by her side most of the time. However, our circumstance is different from theirs. I can start working next week, but we can still meet any time we want. Do you understand?"

Hearing Moore's explanation, Avery's mood lightened up again, making her smile at the thought of that. "I understand. If you're at work, I can cook at home for you and wait for you to come back. We can eat together, and then you can send me back. And on the weekends, we can go for a walk together. We don't have to be together all the time. I'm sorry for misjudging your intentions immediately."

Moore finally felt relieved as if a thorn had been removed from him. He knew that Avery would understand right away. After all, she was a very considerate girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Jean wasn't relieved at all and got worried at once.

'Hold up, this wasn't our plan!

Last time, when Moore and I had tea together at the cafe, he promised me that he would spend more time with Avery. That's why I advised him to delay his work schedule for just a few days.

So why does it sound like I am the one who needs to be taken care of and accompanied often?' Jean thought with a small pout on her face.

She was about to sit up and explain herself, but when she saw herself wearing the white one piece of cloth for patients, she stopped herself and gave up.

Besides, she was responsible for what had happened to her today, and no one could make her deny that.

Jean remembered that she insisted on eating the crayfish just to annoy Juan. If only she knew the effects of eating that, she wouldn't have been so impulsive. Now she was lying on a hospital bed, almost risking her baby. Plus, she made her friends worry about her more.

Instead of explaining herself, Jean heaved a deep and audible sigh as guilt spread across her face. Everyone turned to her as she looked at Avery and Moore and apologized, "I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. I make you..."

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