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   Chapter 716 I Don't Trust Others

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9997

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Jean immediately felt embarrased by Zed's words. She glanced at Juan, who looked uncomfortable, and then at Zed, nudging at him as if scolding him.

Zed just cast a casual look at Jean and rolled his eyes again.

Jean turned to Juan and said, "Juan, please don't mind that. Zed was probably just joking, right Zed?" When Zed didn't react, Jean forced a laugh and helplessly said, "Oh, would you look at the time? It's getting very late now. I think you should send Tina back to have a rest, and so that you could rest as well and recover more quickly. Besides, both of you must be tired already."

Tina instantly got what Jean was trying to do. Zed was still obviously furious about what happened, and it would be better if Juan would leave and let Zed calm down and clear his thoughts first.

With this, Tina turned to Juan and said, "Yes, Jean, I am feeling the exhaustion take over. Juan, can you please send me back? I agree that you should also rest to recover."

Juan stood there for a moment. He felt guilty and terrible for seeing Jean confined in the hospital today.

He still wanted to stay to make up for it, but Zed didn't even want to talk to him, let alone acknowledge his existence in the room. If he insisted on staying, it would only embarrass not only him, but also everyone else in the room.

Now that Jean had already given the opportunity for him to leave, Juan had no choice but to take this chance before things turned more serious and awkward. He nodded and replied, "Okay, I'll send Tina back, so she could rest. But I can come back late at night to take a shift for Zed…"

Hearing this, anger surged through Zed, making him roar furiously. "I don't need you! Just get out, and don't ever show your face in front of me!"

Juan didn't feel surprised at Zed's outburst. He understood why Zed was feeling this way, especially that his wife and beloved was the one placed at risk. Juan then heaved a deep sigh before bidding Jean farewell and followed Tina out.

As soon as the door closed, Jean looked at Zed with eyebrows furrowed into a frown. She then complained clearly displeased at Zed's behavior. "Zed, I told you. It was all my fault. Why are you blaming Juan? It's totally unfair for him!"

"Unfair? If he hadn't turned to you to help him annul his engagement with Tina and picked you up to have lunch with him, then none of this would have happened! You don't know how much my heart skipped a beat after hearing that you had been sent to the hospital! And after all this, you still don't think that I should be mad at him?"

As Zed said this, all he could feel now was anger.

Jean noticed this, making her sigh before replying. "Well, yes, I still think that you shouldn't be mad at him. There are things that happened in coincidence, and that Juan may have something to do with this, but if this hadn't happened, then neither of us would know that I can't have seafood. Will you be able to guarantee that I won't have seafood before

hy do you have to bother your friend about this?"

"I don't think we are in the position to just choose, because we are not professionals in that field. This friend of mine is a doctor, and he knows a lot of people, most of them coming from the best of the best. More importantly, I trust that he will be able to get us a reliable doctor," Zed explained with a reassuring smile on his face.

Jean nodded knowingly, but she still had questions on her mind. "You called him Antony. Don't tell me that Juan and he knows each other as well?"

"How did you know?" Zed was surprised, but he admired Jean for her good intuition.

"I guessed it from the tone you talked to him and the way you addressed yourself. And more importantly, you have so much trust in your friend's ability just like your trust in Juan's." Jean paused to heave a deep sigh. "If I got it right, you asked an old pal whom you used to fight in the army with to help us find a doctor."

"I never treated them as my army pals. Instead, I consider them as my brothers whom I can trust my life with." Zed corrected her with a serious tone as he scooched over beside Jean.

Jean tilted her head and looked at Zed with puzzlement on her eyes. "I'm confused. I don't understand why you have to go to such lengths."

'We just need a doctor, but you make it sound so important to the point that you had to ask your pal abroad to find us one.

Zed, don't you think it's too much?' Jean thought to herself.

Zed looked at her and noticed just by her expression. He gave her a smile and explained, "There's nothing to be confused about. It's just that you and our baby's safety is my biggest concern now, and frankly, I don't want to place both of you in the hands of people I don't trust. That's why I had to ask someone who I could trust, because I know that with them, the risk of losing both of you would be almost at zero percent."

Hearing Zed's reply, Jean couldn't help but feel warmth course throughout her body.

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