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   Chapter 715 I Didn't Hit Him Hard Enough

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9467

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Zed eyed Jean carefully with confusion. "Jean, what are you talking about? Why did you do it?

If I remember correctly, you are not so keen about crayfish, so why?"

"Well…" Jean shyly smiled at Zed before telling him what happened a while ago at the meal. "You know that the shells of crayfish need to be husked so you could eat it, right? The reason why I don't bother with it is because I don't want the trouble to husk its shell. But, at the meal a while ago, it was already husked by Tina. Juan treated Tina as a servant and I was angry to see that, so..."

"Oh honey!" Finding it both funny and annoying at the same time, Zed exclaimed and said, "That's natural. Juan has been spoiled by his family ever since his birth. Oh, darling, how could you be so naive and almost..."

Zed stopped. He felt a shiver run down his spine as he recalled the horror just now.

Instead of finishing his words, he looked at Jean for a moment and held her in his arms, hugging her tightly as if anytime soon someone was going to take her away from him.

As he caressed her hair, Zed softly cautioned, "Jean, please. You are not allowed to eat so carelessly in the future, do you understand? I will search online what food you are allowed and what are not as a pregnant woman.

Okay? I can't take another incident like this…"

"I understand," Jean replied in haste as she hugged him back. She patted his back in attempt to comfort him and said, "There is no need to worry anymore. I will pay extra attention to what I do and intake, so as not to hurt our baby."

She looked at Zed with serious but soft eyes.

Zed looked back at her with gentle eyes. He caressed her cheek and said, "Jean, I want you to know that you and the baby are the most important things in my life, even more important than myself. I don't want to lose either of you. So, even if just for me, please, take care of yourself and the baby."

"Okay, I will," Jean replied with a nod. She smiled at Zed, feeling warmth surge through her, and believed that Zed was not just saying this to cheer her up.

She knew and could feel that Zed really did care for her and their incoming baby.

Then again, she couldn't help but feel that this strong man, lying beside her, was still shivering.

It was like he had seen the apocalypse and had been the only one to survive, unable to hold back the regret and dread in his heart.

'Oh Zed…'

Jean murmured under her breath, feeling sorry for him deep in her heart.

'This man beside me loves me with all his heart and his soul, but I only repayed him by always making him worry about me. How ignorant I am!'

Closing her eyes, Jean embraced Zed tightly enough that he could still breathe.

'From this time on, I will not be ignorant anymore and always consider Zed's feelings all the time.'

As the coup

which had already stopped bleeding and was all patched up. "Juan, how are you? How's your nose?" she asked out of concern.

"It's okay now, Jean. Nothing to worry about. It will heal in time," Juan replied, and turned his gaze to Zed uneasily.

But Zed seemed to be ignoring Juan as he didn't even turn to him to acknowledge his presence.

Feeling ignored, Juan smiled bitterly.

Deep in his heart he knew that Zed was still angry at him and blamed him for placing Jean at risk.

Jean noticed Zed's expression. She then turned to Juan again and smiled. "Well, I'm relieved that you're okay now.

Zed was acting too irrational. It's his fault for hitting you without understanding the situation first. I apologize on his behalf."

"Oh, Jean, don't. Please," Juan replied in haste. "It's totally my fault that I wasn't able to take good care of you."

"Oh, no, no! It's not your fault! I should not have grabbed your crayfish like that," Jean replied with a reassuring smile.

Besides, it was really unfortunate for her.

Furthermore, she was previously angry about how Juan was treating Tina and never thought that she would be the one to take the punishment.

'What did I do wrong?

Was the God reminding me that I should stay out of other people's business?

Then again, I had already made up my mind to leave out of this after I knew Tina's thoughts and the way Juan and Tina got along!

So what was God telling me?

Should I interfere? Or, stay out of it?'

The thoughts overwhelmed Jean, making her shake them away and sighing mindlessly.

Before anyone could speak again, Zed scoffed as he turned to Jean. "Why do you apologize for me? If there was a mistake here, it would be that I didn't hit him hard enough," Zed said, rolling his eyes and clearly annoyed.

The atmosphere that was already lightened up turned serious and tensed once more.

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