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   Chapter 714 Get The Hell Out Of Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9002

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When Zed got the call from Juan right in the middle of an important meeting he was holding in the conference room, his face instantly assumed an unhappy expression.

However, his face immediately changed and his phone fell to the ground with a thud when he heard the news from the other side. "Jean is in the emergency room!"

He tried hard to calm himself down, but his hands and feet seemed to be disobeying his orders deliberately and he just fell feebly down into the chair.

It was clear that he had suffered a tremendous blow from the way he was trembling all over, pale and flustered. The assistant next to him and the directors present all looked at him with concern.

"Boss..." His assistant tried to call out to him softly.

"Boss..." It wasn't until the assistant had taken his name twice that Zed woke up suddenly, grabbed his collar and anxiously ordered, "Quickly. Take me to the hospital!"

The assistant saw the expression on Zed's face, nodded hurriedly and followed him outside. Now, even he was worried that something was wrong.

Zed was famous for being able to suppress all his feelings and especially his fears, but right now, his assistant could see clearly that Mr. Qi couldn't even walk in a straight line.

In all the years they had been together, the assistant had never seen his boss this worried or anxious.

'No wonder Mr. Qi asked me to drive him to the hospital.

Fortunately, he had enough sense to calmly ask me to take him to the hospital immediately.


Did someone have an accident?' the assistant thought to himself.

He drove Zed all the way to the hospital, and as they rushed towards the emergency room door, they saw that a doctor was coming out and saying something to Juan.

"How is the patient, doctor?" Zed hurried over and grabbed the doctor's arm.

"Mr. Qi?" Surprise flashed through the doctor's eyes, which cleared after a moment when he recalled that he had seen the patient before.

And it was no wonder why. When he saw the famous Mr. Qi being so anxious about the patient, the doctor finally remembered that his patient was Mr. Qi's wife whom he remembered as she had become very famous in H City some months ago.

"What the hell is going on? Is my wife okay?"

Zed looked nervously at the doctor and enquired again, a little more forcefully this time.

When the doctor heard this, he immediately comforted Zed. "Fortunately, the patient was sent in time. We have given her a gastric lavage. She is all right now. However, you should pay attention to the fact that pregnant women should not eat too much seafood in the future. Seafood is cold-natured and eating too much is extremely bad for pregna

l wasn't calm enough right now.

At the moment, whatever Zed said was out of concern for his wife and he was willing to forget it.

After all, if he hadn't asked Jean to help him with his situation with Tina and asked Jean to persuade her to break off her engagement with him, none of this would have happened today.

So in any case, the real responsibility lay on him.

So, no matter how bad Zed's attitude was towards him right now, or even if Zed was going to kill him just now, Juan would bear it without any complaints.

Although Zed's tone was not good, he did agree.

Tina reacted quickly. She pulled Juan, who was still full of self-reproach, and said anxiously to the doctor next to her, "Doctor, please help him..."

Zed personally pushed Jean back into the VIP ward. He could not help feeling remorseful when he saw her lying feebly in bed, with her face all weak. "It's all my fault, dear. I never knew that pregnant women aren't supposed to consume seafood, which is why I didn't warn you about it in advance."

Jean opened her eyes weakly. Her life had become a roller coaster ride just now. Between the ecstasy that her child was okay and the feeling of remorse she felt about herself, she felt sandwiched and caged.

It was really lucky that her baby had stayed strong. Otherwise, she would never have forgiven herself.

Looking at Zed's regretful expression, she smiled tenderly, reached for his clenched fist and sighed. "Zed, you shouldn't blame yourself. It breaks my heart to see you like this. In fact, it's me who was really careless. Because it was me who ordered all those dishes. And the crayfish... I just saw Juan eat it and thought that it looked delicious. I was the one who snatched it from his hands..."

Zed was shocked to hear Jean's words.

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