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   Chapter 713 Habit Is Second Nature

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10826

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"20 years?" Jean asked, stunned, sympathizing with Tina. "See, I'm pretty sure you are smart enough to figure why Juan asked you to come to China. How do you feel about that?"

"How do I feel?" Tina asked in a high voice, suggesting hurtfulness. Yet, she continued with a wry smile,"The only possible outcome is us getting married. No matter how much he flaps about. It isn't in our hands to break off the engagement..."

"Tina, I just don't get it." Jean was confused.

"I won't leave him until I die. That is what you need to get," Tina smiled and said. She almost seemed in a world of her own, as though she was reclaiming a fact about her life. Also, this didn't fit with the things she'd said earlier.

Jean couldn't believe what she had just heard. She almost felt a chill at the absurdity of the situation.

'I won't leave him until I die, ' Jean repeated to herself mentally. How could this be? What was it that kept Tina so tied to Juan and why wouldn't she let go of it? Or rather, why couldn't she?

She was so young and such words coming from her mouth could only indicate how naively she was taken by Juan, who didn't care about her at all. The importance she gave to Juan in her life was too lopsided on her part.

"But you know he wants to break things off with you. Why would you still say something like that? What kind of self-torture is this? Besides, you are so beautiful and capable. You have so much potential to get to great places in life. As far as men are concerned, I'm sure there are thousands of them out there who will respect you for who you are and treat you with dignity. Don't you feel like you deserve much better than Juan? Because, I definitely do."

Jean cupped Tina's hand in hers, trying to persuade her to look out for her best interests.

'Life was too short.'

Her own words came back to her. Ironically, she had said that to Juan.

"I know what you mean. I also know you came here to persuade me because Juan asked you to. Isn't that right?"

Tina smiled at Jean, pulling out her hand from her warm grip.

"No, Tina, you misunderstood me." Jean flustered. "Honestly, I just wanted to learn what happened between you and Juan before seeing you. If you really love him and want to stay with him, I will help you. In fact I will even try to mend Juan's ways so that he treats you better.

But when I saw the way Juan treated you just now, I realized he didn't care about you at all. That's why I thought of persuading you to leave him. I don't think you'll be relaxed unless you leave him. With him, you'll just continue ..."

"I'm most willing to stay, Jean. I told you, I will not leave him whatever happens."

Jean was cut off sharply by Tina.

"Why do you bother yourself?" Jean asked, shrugging. Jean shook her head and pursed her lips. "Like I said before, you deserve so much better and Juan isn't the right fit for you."

"Whether he fits or not, I've made my choice and I won't regret it. I know that." Tina stared at Jean with a strong sense of intent in her eyes. She was determined to exercise her choices even if she ended up getting hurt due to them.

Jean gave up. It was of no use trying to convince her. Tina had already put Juan on a pedestal in her

group of doctors emerged from behind them and led them to another room down the corridor, while someone rolled a stretcher toward them.

Jean's eyes were half open. She'd been struggling to stay conscious this entire time. Seeing all those doctors around her, she felt more comfortable passing out and allowed herself to shut her eyes. In no time, she fell unconscious.

Juan put her down on the stretcher quickly and explained what had happened to the doctors in his poor, broken Chinese. Suddenly, he happened to realize Jean's eyes were closed. He started to shout in fear,"Jean, wake up!"

One of the doctors held Juan by the shoulder and tried to comfort him,"Take it easy, sir. We will examine her right away. Please don't panic." His hand reached Jean's face. He lifted her eye lids, checking her pupils.

"How can I take it easy? If something happens to her, Zed will kill me."

Juan broke into helplessness, almost on the verge of tears. He tried to muffle a sob but it was of no use.

Some nurses started to push the bed towards the emergency room.

Juan started walking alongside them, constantly eyeing Jean's face and sobbing. One of the nurses put her hand on his chest and spoke to him politely,"Sir, relatives need to wait outside while the doctors examine the patient." Then she ran to catch up with the other nurses into the emergency room.

Yet Juan kept moving forward. He leaned at the door that was now shut behind them. His hands turned into fists, and he felt completely broken. He had no idea how he could wait out here with this anxiety or how he could cope with the thoughts in his brain that led to all things bad. He shut his fists tight, helplessly.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned back to see Tina looking at him. He had forgotten all about her. "Juan, should we call Zed?" she asked, trying to hide the horror in her eyes. Juan kept staring at her, trying to register what she'd just said. This had to be done immediately, although he didn't know if he'd summon up the courage for that.

Juan gulped and made up his mind. He nodded in all sincerity, reaching for his phone in his pocket.

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