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   Chapter 709 I Can't Get Rid Of Tina

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8294

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'I just asked Moore to go and have a snack with me, because I didn't want to come back so early and be left alone with you.

I should have come back earlier if I knew that you were just going to judge and misunderstand me and Moore.

But, it seems that I should not be with Moore alone as much as possible, ' thought Jean. She was deep in thought as she chewed her lower lip. After a while, Juan broke the silence.

"Jean, you don't have to explain it to me. I'm sorry." Juan had noticed that she was starting to look uneasy. "It was just a casual question. Don't take it to heart," he added.

"But I already have! Whatever you say means nothing to me as long as Zed trusts me. But this matters a lot to Moore. He has just started to date Avery. He will surely feel upset if he finds out that you're jabbering behind him,"

Jean exasperated with a heavy sigh.

"Okay. Sorry. I was wrong," he said apologetically. An instant wave of regret swept through him. He wished that he had just shut his mouth instead of commenting on Moore and Jean's relationship.

Juan looked at Jean. It was clear that she was greatly upset by what he had said. Because of him, Moore's relationship with Avery might get affected. Juan sighed, thinking that he shouldn't have been loquacious or talked about something so sensitive.

Now, he had put himself in an embarrassing situation.

As Juan felt overburdened with regret, he realized for the first time how shrewd Jean was; she had made him feel this guilty only through her words.

He had finally understood why Zed loved this woman so much.

After dealing with Jean these past few days, Juan learned that she was not only always ready and pleased to help others, but also quite kind-hearted and eloquent.

A man would never get bored spending all his life with such a woman who had many admirable qualities.

The atmosphere in the room was getting very awkward. Juan was scared to say anything more, let alone cast a glance at Jean.

He was afraid that she might turn the tables on him again and put the blame on him. If that happened, it would be impossible for him to defend himself no matter what he said.

Even though Juan had stopped talking, Jean was still very upset with him.

Tina was coming here soon.

Jean couldn't seem to see through Juan -- the man with a baby face who was sitting beside her. Although this man looked kind and honest, she was not sure what on earth Juan would do or say upon Tina's arri

pt on dating me because of their own greed. Of course, some girls were like you and took fancy on me instead of my family's enormous wealth.

But our romantic relationships were always ruined by my family or Tina. I still don't know why. And so, in a sense, I have never had a girlfriend..."

he said. His voice had a hint of sadness. He frowned and nodded to himself, as if accepting the fate bestowed upon him. He looked at Jean, his face suddenly somber. "So, Jean," he continued, "now can you understand why I hate Tina that much? She not only follows me around like a shadow, but also destroys my relationship with other girls."

"Oh, come on, Juan. Tina has the right to do that. After all, whether you like it or not, she is your fiancée!"

Jean replied. She couldn't help but feel sympathetic for Tina.

"But I have never acknowledged that she is my fiancée. She's also very aware that I won't like her. In spite of that, she is still so shamelessly following me. No matter what I do, I can't get rid of her!"

Juan said, his voice getting louder from anger.

"Since you know you won't be able to get rid of her, why are you still asking for my help? What I can do that you can't?" Jean challenged.

"Well. I guess you're right," Juan sighed. Some moments later, he looked at Jean, with a bit of triumph in his eyes. "Both of you are female," he said, with a sudden fervor in his voice. "I think it would be easier for you to talk and communicate with each other. So you really can help me get rid of her! Jean, whether or not I can live happily for the rest of my life will totally depend upon you,"

Juan pleaded earnestly.

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