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   Chapter 706 Keep It In Mind

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8030

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"I want to tell you that you should cherish Zed. I can see how much you two love each other. I asked you to marry Zed because I wanted to benefit from your marriage. But now, I can see that Zed really loves you. He's been treating you well and cares about you very much. Don't break his heart, Jean,"

Henry said to Jean in a serious tone.

"Dad, what's wrong with you? What are you talking about?" Jean couldn't help but burst into laughter at her father's words. "Of course I won't break Zed's heart. I love Zed. We'll have a child for crying out loud! It's the fruit of our love. What are you worried about? Don't believe the gossips. Zed and I will always love each other. Please relax. Don't worry about us. Our relationship is good," said Jean, her cheeks flushing.

Henry closed his eyes, his forehead furrowing. "What about Moore?" he asked.

"How do you feel about him?"

Jean's mouth fell with shock. She shook her head. "Dad, Moore and I are just friends. That's all!"

'So that's why he implied Moore to go outside, ' thought Jean.

"Dad, please trust me..." she continued. "Moore and I are just friends. Don't be bothered by all the gossip. There's really nothing to worry about! Besides, I'm married now and I love Zed with all my heart. On top of that, Moore has a girlfriend too -- an international superstar who's far more beautiful and gorgeous than me! It's unlikely that Moore will fall for me," said Jean.

"Jean, although Moore's girlfriend is better looking, he may not even love her at all." Henry opened his eyes and looked straight at Jean, making sure she understood every word he said. "I'm a man, and I know how a man's mind works," he continued. "Sometimes, we love a woman not because of her appearance. Maybe at first we are attracted at the sight of her body or appearance. But we fall deeply in love with a woman because of her character."

He sighed. 'My god! Why can't she understand that Moore has a crush on her?' thought Henry.

"Wow, dad. I didn't expect you were so philosophical when it came to love..." she said with a big smile, nudging Henry's side teasingly.

"Don't change the topic. Do you think Moore really loves his girlfriend? Answer me." He pressed his lips into a thin line, looking expectantly at Jean.

"Well... of course he loves her..." she said matter-of-factly.

'Maybe he's not in love with her right now, but he will

o explain.

'Whatever! He just doesn't believe me! I don't care about the gossips! We are just friends and I know it!

How ridiculous they are! Why did they say that Moore likes me? It's impossible!

Of course he likes me! We are friends!

Nobody is allowed to slander our friendship! We've been friends for such a long time. He's helped me a lot and we've experienced a lot of tough times together. I'm really glad to have such a good friend.

Besides, Avery is so gorgeous. All men want her. I'm just like a ugly duckling compared to her. Moore will not dump her just because of me!' thought Jean.

Jean left the ward, dropping the topic with her dad just like that.

Moore was wandering in the hall. He walked towards Jean quickly as soon as he saw her.

"Hey, I'm sorry to keep you waiting," she said apologetically.

If she knew her dad was just going to ask her to stay away from Moore, she wouldn't have talked to him for such a long time.

"No worries. Let's go! I'll drive you home," Moore said with a sweet smile.

"Nah, it's too early. Zed's not at home yet. I don't want to stay with Juan by myself. Well, I haven't seen Avery in a while now. Maybe we can all have tea together?"

she suggested excitedly.

"But... Avery is still shooting advertisements! I'm afraid that she won't come with us," Moore replied awkwardly. Deep inside, he was disappointed to hear Jean say that.

"Oh right! I forgot that," she replied. "My bad. Of course she's busy! Not everyone has as much free time as I do, I guess. And Moore, have I taken up too much of your time today?"

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