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   Chapter 705 Are You Having A Happy Life With Zed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10172

Updated: 2019-05-17 21:30

Juan walked beside Jean. He realized she hadn't spoken in a long time. Her face had a distant look as she walked on. "Jean, are you okay?" he asked with a worried look.

"I'm alright," she responded blankly staring ahead. Jean shook her head gently, and finally looked at him. "Juan, life is so... short," she said, seeming to be in deep thought. I feel everyone should try his or her best to live with meaning and devoid of regrets.

Without waiting for him to respond, she moved towards Moore.

Juan stood there in a daze, wondering why Jean had felt a sudden need to say that to him.

For some time he tried to figure it out but then shrugged it off. Snapping back to his senses, he quickly ran to his car and opened the door. But then he saw Jean and Henry were heading towards Moore's car.

"Jean!" he called out. "Aren't you taking my car?"

He was puzzled.

"No, Juan. Thanks, anyway. You should go back home. I'm gonna take my father back to the hospital," Jean explained.

Juan pursed his lips together, holding the words in. 'Yeah, right. You just want to hang with Moore instead of me.

But okay, Zed doesn't care, so who am I to object?' Juan thought.

To stifle the awkwardness, he just started to feel his nose helplessly. Portraying like he's unbothered, he waved goodbye to Jean, Moore and Henry and drove away.

They helped Henry get in the backseat. Jean sat shotgun and Moore drove.

They spent a while in silence. Looking straight ahead, Moore finally spoke, "Hey, Jean... Why did you send back Juan alone? Won't he feel bad?"

"He definitely will. That's what I want." Moore had expected nothing of that sort. That was unlike Jean, this cold decisiveness.

"Whoa! What's wrong? Did he tick you off?" Moore asked with curiosity and more than that, concern.

Henry also noticed the annoyed look on Jean's face.

She noticed both of them looking at her and could tell the concern in Moore's voice. She realized that she shouldn't have spoken so bluntly. She composed herself, sighed and explained, "Never mind. Please don't worry about me. It's just that I don't like to be dallied by people." She stared outside the window at the trees passing by in a blur.

"Jean, what did Juan do? Just tell us!"

Moore knitted his eyebrows together and asked.

"Well... you know what? I don't have to keep it in. So, Juan called me early this morning while I was still sleeping, and then he told me to get up and drive Joy to see Shirley in the jail. But in reality, the reason he did it so enthusiastically is because Tina is coming tonight."

Jean spoke quickly, as if she was almost dying to let it all out.

"Tina? That's his fiancee, right? I remember you telling me he doesn't love her. What has Tina coming back to do with him helping you out? Also, given that he hates her. I am confused,"

Moore asked out loud with a puzzled look plastered on his face.

"That's what I don't know," Jean said urgently, her tone high. She paused for a while contemplating whether she should share any mo

rious matter and then went on, "See, you're a woman now, and soon you are going to be a mother. And I don't particularly think I am qualified to ask you this but... The truth is I am your only remaining family and I'm concerned about you."

Jean became anxious and impatient. She didn't share a very close bond with Henry and this conversation was a little unsettling. "Dad... don't beat around the bush. Tell me what it is already." Jean raised her eyebrows, eyes wide and questioning.

"Are you leading a happy life? With Zed, I mean. Is he treating you well?" Henry asked with some discomfort. He didn't know how to communicate things that went beyond the daily life with Jean.

Jean burst into laughter. "Oh! Come on! I think it's completely unnecessary to answer that question, dad." In her mind, she was kind of relieved.

She'd thought he was going to tell her something grave and important and was frankly quite expecting some bad news.

But this just turned out about Zed and her. She could answer this question in her sleep, perhaps even if she was unconscious.

"Don't you laugh it off. Answer honestly!" Henry urged. His face was still molded earnestly. Obviously, he wasn't joking.

This was a surprise to Jean, given that their exchanges were really limited. This seemed a query out of the usual pattern.

Registering his genuine concern, she smiled at him wholeheartedly and nodded her head. "Yes, dad. I am living a very happy life with Zed. Don't worry about it all. I can even say I am the happiest woman alive!" she beamed, throwing her hands up in the air.

Henry went on, "So that means you truly love him now?"

His expression remained. This bothered Jean. Her admittance should've been enough. Why did he have to ask her obvious questions like that?

"Dad, what are you getting at?" she asked and the smile on her face faded. He didn't say anything, neither met her eyes; simply sat with a complicated face. "Just say what you want to say! What is the point here, really?" Jean asked.

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