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   Chapter 704 Her Last Goodbye

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6817

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"What's going on?" Moore asked. Jean couldn't help but sigh. She pointed at Juan and said to Moore, "This man doesn't know how to appreciate the happy life that he has. His parents have already arranged a beautiful and capable woman who is perfect for him..."

Juan, who was standing on the side breathed out exasperatedly as Jean went on.

He wanted to stop her because he had always been reluctant to make his own personal life become a topic of conversation for others.

But Jean and Moore were not 'others'. Besides, even if Jean didn't tell Moore now, he was going to find out soon enough.

Because Tina was already on her way and when she did arrive, things would certainly be shaken up.

Thinking about this brought a satisfied smile on Juan's face.

He never had been so expecting Tina to show up, never since he knew her.

While Jean and Moore were both engrossed in a serious conversation, Moore happened to gaze across at Juan. He was standing there with a stupid smile on his face.

Moore couldn't help but signal to Jean to look at him.

Jean followed Moore's gaze and noticed Juan standing there with a smile on his face as if he couldn't be happier.

If it wasn't for Zed enlightening her, Jean would probably have misunderstood that Juan was happy because Tina was coming.

Sadly, Juan was not thinking about Tina, or he wouldn't have waken Jean up so early this morning and had arranged everything for her.

'Juan, I will get even with you later, ' thought Jean.

The train would be leaving in a few minutes time and their final goodbye was inevitable.

Jean watched Henry and Joy sadly.

The couple knew that they didn't have much time left and were wiping away their tears.

"Joy, take care of yourself. I know that you have been wanting to go back to your hometown for a long time now. It hasn't been easy for you for all of these years," Henry said, looking at Joy with teary eyes.

"Henry..." Joy said, smiling lovingly at him. "It has always been a pleasure to be with you," she said, s

se you that."

She then turned and walked away toward the train without looking back.

They all watched with sorrow as her figure disappeared into the crowd. Jean sobbed quietly and the rest were each absorbed in their own thoughts.

Everyone was aware that this goodbye

was her last goodbye.

Now that she had chosen this path and was adamant to see it through.

All they could do was let her go and respect her final wishes.

Jean looked at Henry and covered her mouth with her hand, concerned.

Henry was staring blankly in the direction where Joy had been. The sorrow was still etched on his face. He looked lost.

"Dad..." Jean gently took her father's hand to comfort him. "Don't worry, I will ask someone to look after her and report back to us of how she is going."

"No need..." Henry looked at Jean and quietly said. "The reason why she left was so she didn't have to burden us and make us feel sad for her. She wants to leave this world with dignity. We should let her go."

He then sighed deeply and said, "Let's head back."

Jean was surprised that Henry accepted it easier than she did and he did so with a calmness about him.

Maybe, he understood her better than she did.

Jean nodded. "Let's go back," she said quietly to Juan and Moore.

Moore came to Henry and pushed the wheelchair out of the train station.

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