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   Chapter 702 An Unexpected Meeting

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9006

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"Mother..." The exclamation that left Jean's mouth was completely involuntary. She was so stunned by her words that it was quite a while before she had the sense to complete her sentence and ask, "If you really wanted to be close to me and make amends, why didn't you ever try to communicate with me? I was just a little kid at that time and couldn't understand why my mother had left the Wen family. I was confused and alone. Everyone around me told me that my mom wouldn't have been gone had it not been for you and that you were responsible.

A lot of them even made fun of me and scared me that I would become an orphan really soon, as my father and you were going to have another baby. Everyone said that I would be abandoned as soon as you had a baby of your own. That was the reason why I hated you so much."

"My silly child..." Joy hugged Jean tightly and tried to comfort her in her arms. "It's all in the past now, dear. We should just let bygones be bygones. All my life, I have dreamt of hearing you call me mother at least once and today that dream has come true, which is all I ever wanted. Jean, you are a good girl. You should live a happy life with Zed."

"Yes, mother, I will..." Jean promised her. It made her really sad to think that she soon, would no longer be able to see Joy for eternity, even though she could see her off in person today. "Mother, I want to tell you something. You're going to be a grandma."

Jean suddenly blurted out the news to Joy amid smiles and sorrows.

The news shifted Joy's eyes right towards Jean's belly, which was beginning to show a few signs of her pregnancy. Joy was really happy for her daughter.

"Really?" Joy asked in a quivering voice, as she involuntarily reached out a hand and stroked Jean's almost flat belly.

"Yes, it's true. It's almost three months. Mother, remember... You have to be strong and be there when my baby is born. Okay?"

Jean was earnest in her request.

Joy's face was full of excitement on hearing that, but her heart betrayed that happiness. She was in extreme agony.

'My child, I wish that I could do that even more than you do.

But I fear I won't be there to see that happen. You and I both know that my health is really bad, ' she thought.

"Okay. Sure." She agreed to Jean's request with a resolute nod and smile. Even though she clearly knew that such a thing would be impossible, she didn't want to hurt Jean, and so she continued, "I will wait until that day."

'It is my child's wish and therefore, my responsibility is to make this promise and give her some hope.

I hope she can forgive me for lying even on my deathbed.

I can only pray that her baby isn't going to be a

e Henry a warm hug and exclaimed with great pleasure, "Father, thank you for your coming."

This was the first time that she had actively hugged Henry, with no agenda but because he had come to the train station to see Joy off.

In fact, Henry was still rather hesitant to come there when Moore had found him and told him about why Jean wanted him to come.

In his heart, he had always felt thankful to Joy and he did love her a lot...

But he was really sad about Yvette leaving him and this always itched in his mind.

Joy had been the woman who had stayed with him and shared his hardships over the last twenty years.

The only reason why he was so sad and depressed was because when he was hospitalized for paralysis, he had come to know that Joy had conspired with Shirley to take over the Wen Group.

In that period, he had been lying on the bed alone in the hospital all day long. He had been asking himself why over and over again.

Why were his wife and daughter that he had loved deeply so greedy to take his company under their control when he collapsed?

Weren't they willing to see him recover?

Or would he really lie on the bed in the hospital in the rest of his life? Was he just unwilling to acknowledge the fact?

And so did he have to give up to let the wish of Joy and Shirley come true?

In his hard time, Henry had been overburdened with many questions that had puzzled and confused him. He hadn't realized how foolish he had been until Jean had showed up in front of his bed.

It wasn't until her visit to his ward that he had understood that Joy and Shirley hoped that he wouldn't get well when he got paralysed in the hospital.

After knowing that, he had fallen in despair. At last, his love for Joy and Shirley had gone away little by little.

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